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  1. I have created script step to send an email going to the addresses from the email field(s) in the found set.  From Filemaker Pro 13 client version the addresses are added correctly with a comma between them, but the script run via the browser (Safari) inserts a semicolon between each address which renders them all as unrecognizable addresses via the email client (Apple Mail).  So, not wanting to go through 200 email addresses and replace semicolons  with commas.......................... is this a bug in WebDirect?  The "Email" script step shows as compatible for WebDirect.  Th
  2. Here's another one: http://www.austinmichael.com/hosting/index.html Has worked for me.
  3. Has anyone developed a solution that can schedule course and student schedules at the middle school and high school levels? or Does anyone use an external program to do scheduling and then import the data into Filemaker? We use a program to schedule students during the summer and then import the data once a year into our Filemaker solution and make any further changes during the year right in our Filemaker solution. So, we are looking for a program to do once per year school scheduling producing data that can be easily utilized in Filemaker. The program we are using n
  4. I new it had to be a simple ("duh!") solution. Thanks!!
  5. I know there must be a simple answer to this: But I have been using 11 Advanced for a few months now and have never seen a "Quick Find Search Box" in the status area in any of my solutions or layouts. Yes, the layouts are Quick Find enabled and have many fields included for Quick Find. And no, I'm not a newbie: I've been using FM since its inception. And, yes, I did search to see if there were others who had asked this question. So, be kind for what must be an obvious answer, but what the heck am I missing???
  6. Thanks for your quick response. I should have added more information: that this is one of 11 related files (although it is the main data file to which the others are related), none of the others present this problem, so I don't think it is a Filemaker bug as much as something that went wrong in the Scriptmaker of this particular file, as it had functioned fine up until this issue. Everything else in the Scriptmaker for this file works well, just not the ability to reposition them in the list. It became an issue awhile ago, which wasn't a problem until I continued to build out the
  7. I have one file that prevents me from reordering the Scripts. If I try to move a Script to the top of the list, for example, it always reverts back to it's previous location in the list. This began to occur when one of the scripts would not comply with an attempt to delete it. I have Recovered the file, but that has had no affect.
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