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  1. So to clarify--if I have 40 questions there would be 40 records. Could you recommend a good instructional manuel or training course.
  2. What I would like to end up with is a Summary page: Question 1: 50% answered "yes"; 40% answered "no" and 10% answered "na" of the 50 people answering question 1. Question 2: 30% answered "yes"; 30% answered "no" and 40% answered "na" of 45 people answering Q2. Right now I have coded for question 1: Q1 Text Q1Scale = If (Q1= "yes"; 1, 0) Q1RecordCount = Count(Q1Scale) Q1Total Summary(Number) = Total of Q1Scale(running) **counting yes** Q1TotalRecord Summary(Number) = Total of (Q1RecordCount) **counting questions that were answered reg
  3. I know this is easy for most-but I am struggling. I have a survey with Yes, No, Na check boxes. I want to have FMI count the number of "Yes", count "no" and count "na" while skipping the empty answers for multiple records. I am guessing there is a way to use a variable or global field or something. Right now--I am creating 3 different fields for one question. The actual answer as text (checkboxes). Then a calculation field for giving a numeric value to the answer (if (benefits = "yes";1;0), then summarizing the Total of Benefits. I know there is an easier way.
  4. I know the header says only versions 9, 10, 11 but we are using 8 and looking at upgrading to 11. Should we expect any issues to arise? Frequently problems encountered? What is a reasonable project time to plan for the upgrade? We are a smaller agency with only 20-25 licenses so the project management should be minimal-correct? Thank you in advance for any thoughts, suggestions or advice given
  5. The only time this script would be used is at the time of record being created. The survey would be printed for the new record only. The query would be for monthly statistics and not have anything to do this the actual survey. So I create new record, chose "non-custodial", automatically jumps to survey layout, print, and back to orginial layout so the rest of the data can be input. I am sorry if this is confusing.
  6. No I can't get my script to work--I am attaching a dummy version of I am trying to do. I created check boxes as another attempt to get it to run. I thought maybe a transparent button over the Non-custodial field might work. But if the button is on top, the checkbox does not fill. If the checkbox in on top, the button does not work. They will need to be able to query this field later. Disregard table missing-I just copied the survey from the real dbf. CustodyDBF.zip
  7. Is there a way to incorperate this script with a transparent button to trigger the script? Thank you for helping me out!
  8. I was afraid that might be the answer. Any other thoughts? I was trying to ensure the user not forget to do it, if they chose "Non-custodial". Is there a way to make a conditional script or caluclation. If only my employer could afford v10-life would be nicer.
  9. I want to be able to have the layout change if the user picks a choice in a drop down menu. I tried to script it but can't figure it- Pseudo script: If (custody = "Non-Custodial"); Go to Layout [Referral] Else Go to next field **in the current layout's tab*** End If But I can't get it to work? The trigger is choosing the answer in the drop down menu? I looked up script triggers for layouts-but the layout setup did not have a Script Triggers tab Thank you in advance.
  10. The dynamic works great and does exactly what I wanted. The static didn't change at all and stayed a "1" when creating new ones. Can you recommend a book to read (I didn't like Filemaker for Dummies). Thank you for all your time and guidance.
  11. Thank you for all your help--it will take me a while to think through this...I will definitely follow up your suggestion forreading up on normalization-I will keep you updated on the progress
  12. Hopefully the dbfs zip and attach for you. I know it seems like alot of bouncing between dbfs--and wasted space in the portal which does not resize. You will probably need to dummy down suggestions as you can see my Spaghetti logic and trial & error methods. Thank you for any and all guidance! FamilySupport.zip
  13. The numbers would be fixed--I try a number things (mainly trial and error) both in coding and scripting. I would upload the dbfs for you but don't know how to do that yet..I thought passing a value to a variable might work but couldn't figure out how to do that...
  14. I couldn't get it to work-my first ponderence was--do I copy it into auto-entry--calculations or Auto serial calculations? These are dbfs with relationships. Hopefully this will help. Thank you for advising-- DBF_screen.PDF
  15. I hope you can help. I have three dbfs-one is the parent (one to many), objective and intervention. The trouble I am having is the objective dbf counter. The user creates a parent file-then jumps to the objective database to create multiple objectives for one parent record for example Parent dbf unique id Objective 1 (this is counter field) Intervention "1" (in intervention dbf) Intervention "2" (in intervention dbf) Objective 2 (this is counter field) Intervention "1" etc..... This is what I have that is not working Pe
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