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  1. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate there is some work involved. Look forward to the updated version. Also, to note, Java have released this note from Apple that El Capitan will be the last OS that offers support for the legacy version: https://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_6.xml
  2. @ryan360Works - doesn't installing a legacy plugin (6 when Java is now at v8) mean introducing unnecessary security holes? I just upgraded to El Capitan Beta and the Java run time 6 SE was deleted on upgrade and would need to be installed again. Aren't 360Works going to address this?
  3. This is incredibly useful, thanks for posting (even if it was a while ago!)
  4. TSGal has answered this question here: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/eaa7e3dbf4 Basically, to get a system level script running, you simply need to add . before the username on windows. So simple when you know how. So the script now runs but doesn't copy to the servershare so I think I need to add a domain account to run the script by rather than a local user account. Or just leave it running divorce in Task Scheduler.
  5. As a work around (although it still doesn't solve the problem with FMServer not running locally authenticated server side scripts) you can get the above working by running the system level script from Windows task scheduler... (although it doesn't then work in tandem with FMS which is minor pain) However, for those needing to work with server/shares the change you will need to make is to PushD to change directory to the server/share first, otherwise you won't be able to make a the copy of the file as you can't use a UNC path in a scheduled script e.g.: @echo off :Variables SET serverP
  6. Hi guys, I'm on a Windows 2012 Server running FMS13. I have written a simple .bat file which simply copies a .csv file from /data/documents/ to a server share. Running the .bat in CMD prompt or Powershell successfully copies the file. I've tried to set up a script schedule in FMS13. I can see the .bat file in the drop down menu in step 1. I have also added an admin user account to run the script by. The event log gives me this error: I don't think this is a very helpful nor a true description. 1) The file does exists and has already be found. 2) It is not inval
  7. Would be helpful to know if you're on Windows or a Mac... You can use PSLoggedOn on Windows or Who or Users on Unix/Mac via a system level script to return a list of users logged on. You could then pipe this output to a text file and import this in to a global text field, and parse it in Filemaker to get a value list of logged in users. However, I'm not sure how you'd do this on demand as system level scripts are run as scheduled scripts on the server which you can't call from FMPro.. but you might want to look here for a way round this if you need this functionality: http://fmfor
  8. Sorry if I'm missing something here... Our website PHP server has just been upgraded to 5.3.x We have used FMStudioPro to help us connect the website to an FM database for the last few years however we are now getting multiple messages similar to: Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ../FileMaker.php on line 138 Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ../FileMaker/Implementation/FileMakerImpl.php on line 98 Etc... I know that these are just warning messages which I can turn off in php.ini, howeve
  9. oh! That's great! I'd never used that script step before! Any ideas what you'd do on a windows machine?
  10. Can ScriptMaster Zip File (src ; destination) unzip a file as well? Thanks Chris
  11. John, just wanted to say thanks for your reply. I ended up capturing an image 50% bigger (in dimensions) than I wanted then just resizing the container down to the size I wanted and it looks fine. Thanks for your tip about saving out as a .png file. I guess I could feed it the Get (TemporaryPath) from a Filemaker function?
  12. Hi, is it possible to improve the jpg quality that ScriptMaster uses in the Screen Capture function? It's very pixelated for what I need. Thanks Chris
  13. Hi, you might want to check if that user has Sophos Anti-virus installed. Intercheck is a killer for Filemaker. You can exclude the whole Filemaker folder from Sophos and specifically the filemaker app and the plugins in the preferences.
  14. I've got this working now, it seemed to be just a cache issue. Closing Go down and the host, then restarting both seemed to fix the problem.
  15. Hi, I often set up a portal with a calc field in the portal row which returns e.g. a trash icon if the portal row exists and a blank (or plus icon) if the row is empty. This just adds to the user interface as I don't like the trash can icon sitting there in an empty portal row. I store the images in a global field with x number of repetitions and use a case statement to retrieve the right one i.e. in the portal row I have a calc field which returns a container with the following formula: Case ( IsEmpty(kpContactDataID); GetRepetition ( GLOBALS::GraphicsContainer ; 4 ) ; G
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