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  1. InTouchDatabase, At this point, even if it built my entire application for me perfectly from scratch, I STILL wouldn't purchase it. I'm happy to hear that YOU actually were in "contact" with the seller, and received your product as described. As for me, the non-responses to my emails was enough for me to put this product on my "DO NOT USE" list. They must be filthy rich to turn a (prospective) sale away. I learned a long time ago that poor customer service and a blatent disregard for a consumer's inquiries will eventually lead to a companie's downfall. I hope that happens in this
  2. If you contact the US Copyright office, they will tell you themselves that the words "hot", "Warm", or "Cold" CANNOT be copyrighted as a usage of the english language. Now if they have a "product" named "HOT", then he can sue you if make a product similar in form and manner to his, and name it "HOT"...ie, he has a MOVIE Database program called "HOT", and you create a movie cataloging program, and call it "hot" then he can sue you, but hot, warm, cold being used as adjectives to describe ANYTHING cannot be copyrighted by themselves. Just like you simply cannot copyright your name, as a name.
  3. Yep....Barb is absolutely correct. Here is my attempt....I created the Estimate ID and Invoice ID to be the same, so there is no confusion between the two in general use. Estimate.zip
  4. I'm happy to hear that things worked out for you. I'm still waiting for a simple reply for the email I sent two months ago. Actually, I sent two; after the second, I decided to just give up on the product.
  5. I have a static external IP address that ports through my router to the server which is, and that never changes. I have installed my older FM Server 10, and it has been working great, even after several win 2003 server restarts. If it were a problem with the DHCP, wouldn't it happen for fms 10 also?
  6. Yes, you are correct Comment, that will not work. To uemtux: Can you post a sample file with that problem? I would like to see that myself.
  7. I can create a new privilege set, call it "Test", and give it access to everything, which in turn is really [Full Access].
  8. Well, you say you are logged in with the permission set "Test", but does your "Test" permission set have [Full Access]?
  9. Are you saying that the compiled installer has problems, or the runtime has problems AFTER you install from the inno installer?
  10. I believe Mr. Gill is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Simple solution to a most complicated problem. Sorry, you did all that work, comment.
  11. The simplest solution is to place "hard" lines on the form layout. Then no matter how many names, 1 or 365, the line length will extend to the right margin like you want.
  12. I do own RunRev as well, by the way.
  13. I do agree with you on that Soren, that many different users have many different expectations with what FM can do, or what they would like it to do. But, why put a "feature" in, if it doesn't work with everything? I am very happy without the charts in a runtime, but I easily see where this seems to be an issue that should be disclosed with a little more effort on Filemaker's part.
  14. I completely agree with Comment on this one. And besides, if we have to "migrate" everything we do to RunRev as Soren suggests (quite often, I might add), why not use RunRev instead of Filemaker to begin with? When you buy a new car with four tires, is it not common sense to expect them to be filled with air? I guess, from reading through all the statements in this discussion, the best bet is to flood Filemaker with thousands of emails requesting info the next time a release is made. And as for "explosive expectations will be expected". Not true. We simply would like the features in the p
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