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  1. Hi Jon, You can use the NthItem function to retrieve particular values in each string: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/366 That way you could say NthItem(yourlongvaluelistitem, "@", 3 ) = 3/15/2012 in the example string you provided (I disregarded the typo 9 after the year) As for searching for multiple values, you may have to convert the date & time to a number and then do ranged searches So the date 3/15/2012 becomes 734577 - via this calc: GetAsNumber(GetAsDate("3/15/2012")) - then you search for 734577...734578 for anything between 3/15 & 3/16. You can co
  2. John, Thanks for posting this FilteredPortal demo. I knew it was simple but I couldn't get mine to work and found this helpful to finally fix my issue.
  3. I meant for a scriptmaster-based progressbar ;-)
  4. You wouldn't happen to have a sample progressbar code snippet would you? Cheers, SWL
  5. Chime in one more person having this error on Windows 7 32 bit. This time in a FMv11 runtime solution, but ******* this error is aggravating...
  6. I'm seeing this dialog in a new FM v11 installation on a Windows 7 machine. I fixed it once by uninstalling all printers and reinstalling the printer drivers, then the printers. It fixed it for about a week and has re-occurred. Anyone have any ideas on how and why this might be happening? A fix of any kind would be wonderful! Thanks, Denis
  7. When you save the Print step with no dialog in FM v11, it saves the printer selected with the script step. You can verify this by printing the script code. You just have to make sure all users have the printer name specified the same way you do and that it is configured to begin with on their machine. When you get into advanced printer configuring, especially on Windows, you'll likely need a plugin such as myFMButler's printerswitch. HTH.
  8. John, This works beautifully for exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much for the help!!! Kind regards, Denis
  9. Hi all, I'm a "noob" at ScriptMaster and have seen how to zip a selected file with the example code. Does anyone have a good example of how to zip an entire directory/folder? TIA, Denis
  10. Hi all, I'm beginning to delve into Scriptmaster and I'm curious if it can use any of the grails functionality? I know 360works released their SafetyNet plugin, but I'm curious if I could script my (non-server based) solution to upload a ZIP file to S3 using ScriptMaster. Has anyone tried this kind of functionality? Cheers, Denis
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