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  1. Hi, I'm trying to export a bunch of student records (around 2,000), that are related to teacher records. Everything exports fine except the student's grade. Students are in grades 1-5, and grades 4 and 5 export, but not 1-3. I've tried exporting the data using .csv and .htm, with the same result. This is a recent problem. I've exported these records before with no problems...I must have changed something since my last successful export, but I can't for the life of me think of what. Teacher_Subsidy_Program_Clone.zip
  2. Sorry everyone. I figured it out. Human error strikes again. Thank you for your patience and feedback.
  3. I'm confused. When I try the sum option, it only lets me sum fields within the teacher table, which doesn't help, as I want to sum records in the student table. These two tables are related, yet I can't sum student records in the teacher table. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Sorry about the misplacement of the post. In the teacher field there's Teacher_ID In the student field there's Teacher_IDfk Count ( Students::Teacher_IDfk ) I thought my syntax was correct, but I'm not getting anything. I really have no idea how to brainstorm possible reasons this is getting tripped up. Any help would be very, very appreciated. Thanks for your patience!
  5. I have a student table related to a teacher table. If a student is a male, he gets a 0. If a student is a girl, she gets a 1. In my teacher table, I wanted to create three basic calculations to determine the # of boys and girls in each teacher's class, however, what I thought would be straightforward calculations just aren't resulting in ANY data whatsoever. There are three fields I have calcs for in my teacher table: Total male students Total female students Total Students My thought process was: Total_Female_Students = Sum (Students::Gender) Total_Stu
  6. Forgive my newbie ignorance, but could you walk me through the process of creating a joining table?
  7. That definitely solves the multiple school years/grades for each student problem...but what about multiple years for each teacher problem? Teachers shift around in a school from year to year, and I want to be able to capture their effectiveness (measured by student scores). Any ideas? Thanks for the quick feedback!
  8. I'm building a database collecting data from 29 schools. Each school must send its student roster at the end of every year to the ministry of ed, along with the students grades, whether they passed or failed, and who their teacher was. So far so good. A table for schools, teachers, students. But then I discovered that many schools have the previous years roster too (from '07-'08), and now I'm trying to build a more complex relational database. I think I'm in over my head, but I'd rather here the bad news now before it gets full of records (right now I've only got around 600 kids and
  9. This is all going to get exported into STATA at some point, so don't I really need to grab that student data and aggregate it into the teacher records, so that down the line my teacher variables will have all that necessary data? Besides, I'm a glutton for pain...
  10. So there's no way to pull that data from all the students of each teacher into the teacher table? Or is it just a pain?
  11. This feels like a newbie question, so thanks in advance for your patience. I have a student table related to a teacher table. Multiple students for each teacher. The student table is simple, it captures: Gender (0 = Boy; 1 = Girl) Test Score: 0 = flunked; 1-4.99 = redo year; 5+ = graduates to next grade I already did a calculation that automatically creates a category (flunk, redo, graduate) based on the test score. 0 = flunk 1 = redo 2 = graduate However, now that that's done, I need to summarize all the students data for their respective teachers. I'm simp
  12. Here you go. Sorry for the delay, we've been having some power outages down here! Thanks for any feedback you can give me, any potential structural problems, etc. You have no idea how helpful this and how grateful I am. We're trying to evaluate a fairly large, long-running educational program in southern Haiti. Program_Evaluation_Clone.zip
  13. Is there anyway I can email you my database (it's only 1.5 mb) so you could take a look and see if there are any inherent flaws in it? I'm trying to get it as "clean" as possible before the rush of data starts flowing in. Is there a way of posting the database without any of the actual fields filled out? Just to avoid privacy issues...
  14. While I definitely would love to have them fill out the forms electronically, frankly, it's not going to happen. As for layouts, not too concerned with anything fancy right now, it's a very utilitarian database, only being used by me. Do need to familiarize myself with some scripts that can automate some facets of the data entry process. Guess I'll take a look around the forums here and the wider web. (while we still have power!)
  15. BTW, any suggestions on some good places to look (FM Forums not withstanding, of course), for those thousands of scripts that might help with data entry? Or should I just google it and stop bothering you?
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