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  1. I have a vendor product table that is: VendorName ProductName ProductPrice I have a product table that is: ProductName ProductPicture (various product features) I have a Layout that shows a picture and description of ProductName, and includes a portal that lists all VendorNames (from the Vendor Products table) that sell the product, and the price they sell it for. The two tables are related by ProductName. When I mouse over a VendorName in that portal, a tooltip pops up. I want this to list all ProductNames and ProductPrices associated with the vendor nam
  2. I sort of found what I want with a pop-up tool tip. I see that setting a mouse-over tooltip gets me access to the calculation window. So now, what I am trying to do is figure out the calcuation that will create a portal list from a related table. So I have a portal that is listing Vendor Names... and when I mouse over a vendor name it goes to my vendor product table and lists all ProductName records for that vendor. So since tool tip only gives me access to calculation, assuming I need to figure out the right syntax... if this is possible?
  3. Man you know stuff! Ok... got that working... and found out how to have it open in a new window... what if I just want it to kind of open a pop up with the info instead of a whole new window with all the record controls and such... For example I click on a Vendor and get a pop up portal with all the stuff the vendor sells from the Vendor Inventory...
  4. Thank you again! Ok here's a tougher question... I would like to be able to click on field that is listed in a portal... and be taken to the record / layout that the field is being pulled from. Possible?
  5. Trailing space on those few records was the issue... thank you!! Now how do I make the portals "invisible" I have been looking for an option to turn off the lines that frame the records, and can't find one.
  6. Ok, I am having another more serious issue. The portal is generally working, except in some cases it is just randomly not printing the data. For example, I have a Vendor Catalogue table that has 3 fields: VendorName ItemName ItemCost So there is one entry for each item a vendor sells in that table. I have another table which is a Vendor List that has 3 fields: VendorName VendorLocation VendorType PLUS a portal that pulls the ItemName and ItemCost fields from the first table above to list all items sold by each vendor. The problem is that for just a few v
  7. This is a manufactured inventory question. Table 1 has the fields: WidgetName WidgetCost Portal - Table 2::IngredientName IngredientQty Table 2 has the fields: WidgetName IngredientName IngredientQty There is a relationship between the two tables: WidgetName=WidgetName So using the relationship, I am able to get the Portal ingredient list in Table 1 working. What I need to do is calculate the total cost of all the ingredients. To do this, I need to look in Table 1 and find the record where the WidgetName=IngredientName. Then use WidgetCost field
  8. One more question: How can I set portals so that they only display lines that have data? IE I want to leave room for 10 records, but only 2 records exist, so I don't want to see 8 blank, alternating backgrounds below the 2 that exist.
  9. Thank you, I do indeed have the relationships set up and you have solved my issue! Thank you!
  10. I'm an FM noob starting to learn to develop with it. I appreciate any help. Please avoid acronyms and use many small words in any replies (thanks). Table A is a typical inventory table with a WidgetName and several other fields describing the widget. Table B is a VendorList that includes VendorName, WidgetName, WidgetCost. It contains one record for each widget a vendor sells. The same widgets are sold by many different vendors at different prices. I want to get an lowest, highest and average cost for each WidgetName from all the VendorList records that show that WidgetName.
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