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  1. That's what I did.I created a complex relationship with the date field and it's working flawlessly. It shows the total before a certain date that I enter in another layout. Much easier this way. AnotherLayout::Date1≥Flighthours::date
  2. I would like to use the summary of the found set and use it for printing reports in another layout(table).The problem when I use the total fields in another layout I get the total of all records and not the total of the found set. Getsummary doesn't work for me .I need some tips to make this work. I want to use the total of flight hours during date range, and I need this total to print to aircraft logbooks.
  3. Yes it's strange,but this is what i have to work with.. I have one more question.Can you think a logical function to keep the date field as is(in column k).I am thinking a logical function :if field is date format and not timestamp, copy that date to another field .Is this possible?I can not find the right function.
  4. Case ( f10 ; (GetAsTimestamp ( f10 ) + Time ( 48;0;0 )) - Timestamp ( Date ( 1; 1 ; 1900 ) ; 0 ) ) f10 will be the field with the excel timestamp. You put this code as a calculation to the field you want. Thanks a lot for the solution
  5. Almost there .It's like 48 hours sort from what I can see.
  6. We try to import column j or k.These are hours in format [h]:mm.I can not figure out the calculation.I am thinking to subtract the excel timestamp value as a number.01/01/1900. 1900x365x24x3600 but i get odd results. I find this very strange that yet the developers of Filemaker haven't figured out how to import timestamps from excel,and have them shown correctly.
  7. It's not working i still get odd numbers.I went throughout the import but no luck.Any other recommendations? How to process them to get correct values?
  8. I get this format 02/01/1900 02:00:00 in the import dialog in Filemaker.I also i tried to troubleshoot it in excel but no luck.I use it to monitor aircraft hours(most of them are way more that 24:00 ,usually around 1000:00).The field in filemaker is a time field 100%.And in Excel the fields are showing properly.The weird thing is in excel when you click on a field, in the formula bar you get the timestamp format 02/01/1900 02:00:00. This is driving me crazy because I have to import a lot of records from excel. I am using 10.7 OS and filemaker 11
  9. Hi people I am trying to import some records that have H:mm:ss format.When I import them i get the following format 02/01/1900 02:00:00 which is not usable in my case.I import the file from excel. Can you guys help me out with this?
  10. I have made a table that every time that a record is created it gets a serial number.I have made a relationship with the other main table to display the newest created record.It works as i want till i get to the number 99(I started the autoserial at 00)when i make new records above 99 they dont show to the other table.What can i do to overcome this strange behavior?
  11. I need the tasks for separate reports.I am attaching my solution so you can see what i am after.Check reports by hour to see what i am trying to do.From there i want to print individual "workorders".
  12. Sorry about that.I have 2 tables Aircrafts and Maintenance tasks.I will make one named as you said for workorders.I have entered tasks but i need to print these tasks to the technical department to get them done.the form has to included an ID number per Aircraft to keep them in logbooks.i have made the reports but i want to make a script that will get the record (not all fields)and print it with a generated ID(serial).So i need a table that will store the tasks per aircraft.Tables are related with the Aircraft registration.
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