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  1. Thanks Julie. I should have tried that before sending in the question. I thought maybe there was something special about that folder and it's contents and I shouldn't mess with it. But since I have your attention, I had one other question. A year ago or so someone was asking about value lists. I understand that they are not changed by the dev files, but was wondering if that only applied to value lists with constants that users can edit? Or does this apply to all value lists? Thanks.
  2. In the wiki it states that: Every time that you run a deployment, 360Deploy will put a copy of the previous production database into a timestamped directory in the FileMaker Server documents directory. .......You can find the archive folder at: Mac: /Library/360Works/Applications/MigrationBackups Reading the wiki I thought it meant that the previous production database would be put into: /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents When I look into /Library/360Works/Applications/MigrationBackups as a user I don't have access to the file or folder contents. Could you clari
  3. Was this question ever answered? I also need to know if value lists that users can edit come from the production server but other value lists will come from the dev server.
  4. Thanks for this Ben. That worked. I notice that the email in Sent shows up as unread. Is there a way to prevent that?
  5. Hello; I've been trying to save a sent email to the Sent folder, but the EmailMoveCurrentMessage ( "Sent" ) step fails. The email is sent but is not moved to the Sent mailbox. I get a result of 0. Here's my code: EmailRegister( "xxxxxxxxx"; "me_customer ) and EmailConnectSMTP( "mail.myserver.com"; "me@my_address.com"; "password" ) and emailquicksend ( "me@my_address.com ; "other@otheraddress.com" ; "Hello" & Get ( CurrentTime ) ; "this is a test" ) and emailmovecurrentmessage ( "Sent" ) Thanks for any help available, Gary
  6. When I start the upload to FileMaker Server and it asks for me to enter my Admin Console name and password, I get "Connection failed." I'm using the same name & password that I use to log into the server console where it works. I have uploaded many files in the past but now it won't work. I'm using: Mac OS X 10.11.4 FileMaker Server FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.5 Thanks Gary
  7. Wow. I never would have thought of that. Thank you so much. It now works. From now on, no spaces around = anywhere in the email plugin. Thanks Gary
  8. I already did that. In my previous message I said EmailListMailBoxes showed that INBOX and Sent Items among others exist. But when I do:EmailGetMessageCount ( "mailbox = Sent Items") orEmailGetMessageCount ( "mailbox = INBOX") I get an error that says the mailbox does not exist.
  9. Thanks Ryan for your reply. I used your advice but it still didn't work. Here's what happened. EmailListMailBoxes showed that INBOX and Sent Items among others existed. But when I do: EmailGetMessageCount ( "mailbox = Sent Items") or EmailGetMessageCount ( "mailbox = INBOX") I get an error that says the mailbox does not exist. If I do EmailGetMessageCount I get the mail count for INBOX. Any further suggestion?
  10. Hi I need to get a count of email in the sent folder, that were sent today. I've been successful with Inbox but not Sent. When I try EmailGetMessageCount ( "mailbox=Sent") I get ERROR. Is it possible to get a mail count from Sent?
  11. Hello; I'm testing Plastic using the FileMaker test solution supplied with the plugin. When I try and do a test transaction I get the reply "api_token mismatch." The Moneris account and api_token I'm using is the one that is used on our ecommerce website. When we needed to add a new ecommerce site we learned that Moneris would not allow more than one landing page to use the same api_token and to get another api_token we had to get another account. Here's my question: Do you think that that Moneris is treating the attempted contact from FileMaker via Plastic as equivalent to anothe
  12. I'm running a FileMaker 13 Server testbed on my MacBook Air. Will installing Java SE 6 cause any problems with my FileMaker 13 Server installation?
  13. Hi everyone; I'm inexperienced at managing a FileMaker server. I have FMS 9 running on Mac OS X Server Leopard. It's been running flawlessly for a year. Today the database suddenly became unavailable. I started the FileMaker Server Admin Console and saw that the database server wasn't running. I started it. Now the database is available to users and the FileMaker Server Overview screen says there are 12 hosted files and 8 Clients. Which is what it should be since 8 people have resumed using it. But if I click on "Databases" there are no database files listed. I checked event.log and can s
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