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  1. Thx first problem solved. second problem: I have a 2 file solution (separated model)! Changing the account name will affect only one of both. Is there another solution to change also the accountname of the other file without using hidden windows? Or better is there not a possibilty to give Filemaker a sort of system access for the second file without a direct access for the user? I couldn't find an option to tell Filemaker to open the second file with a special accountname and password
  2. Ok you are right, my mistake. We are discussing about changing an account name. I tried the scriptstep: delete account (get(accountname)) but it didn't work. I think I can't delete an account which is in use. But to delete an other one I have to know the existing account names. Is there a nice possibility to list all the accounts? I'm asking because the "security Option"where you can add and delete accounts in the menu doesn't exist in a runtime solution. But I would like to give the user a similar option. Thx a lot for your help
  3. Hi, I have a runtime solution with 2 accounts: admin and a user account. Now I would like to give the user the possibility to change the username within the runtime solution. I managed to change the password with a script but not the username. I tried to save the new username in a global field an then overwrite the username with the script step but it doesn't work properly. Thanks for your help Regards
  4. Hi, is there a possibility to draw something and then to store the image in the database? The same way like GoDraw 1.0 for FM Go. And could someone explain me why GoDraw works in FM Go but not in FM Pro Thx ChiSao
  5. I'm using an ODBC Connection from Mac to a mysql DB. The mysql DB is UTF-8 The connection works but FM shows me "é" instead of "é", so Céline would be Céline How could I change this? Thx by ChiSao
  6. I don't know how to thank you! It works great. THANK YOU! by ChiSao
  7. yeah that works, thxs but now I realize that I can't use it directly as a search string. I would like to do the following: $$searchstring= hand, shoulder, ellbow Search in table "articles" in field "keywords" for hand OR shoulder OR ellbow Is it possible without a loop?
  8. My idee was to get the portal records in to an array (variable) an then use this as a search string. Unfortunately I don't know how to get the portal records in to one variable.
  9. Hi, I need to script a search function. There are 3 tables: articles (12'000 records) categories --< keywords (one to many relation) Now the user could choose a category and then the script should perform a search on the articles table with the keywords from the relationship. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this thx for any ideas by ChiSao
  10. You right I forgot this problem but anyway I have already the script which prevents from deleting. So I will use the conditional formatting to cover the button and the script to control the function of the button. thx
  11. Hi, in my solution I have a layout with a portal on it. There is a delete button for each record in the portal (the last column). Now I would like to show this button dynamically because some of the records can't be deleted. So it useless to show the delete button. I thought to use a global field and fill it with the button if delete is possible and leave it empty if not. But I'm not sure how to aacomplish that. Could someone help me? Thx by ChiSao
  12. that easy thanks a lot
  13. Hi, is there a nice way to check if a portal is empty? Thanks by ChiSao
  14. You're right. But in my solution you can delete an invoice only in the creation process. But once the invoice is billed there is no possibility to delete the invoice
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