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  1. Hi Our online team is requesting to have readonly access to FileMaker databases(v9-10) but wants to see schema(May be relationship, table structure & field details), so how I can provide that level of access? Its also bit painful as there are around 36 databases. Well, 12 databases needs separate account setup but other 24 have integrated solution just to provide custom readonly, dataentry & admin access to all 24 databases. So asking help from the experienced FM gurus who faced similar scenarios. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi I am just wondering if this is possible: When was browsing the FM Server Access log found couple of instence like the attached screenshot. When I try open a database at first it tries to authenticate using my system user id(Which is my novell user id) which I didn't configure anywhere around FileMaker client(Account Name, User Name). I use a different username to login to the database and my account name is also different. So that means, user's FileMaker client somehow tries to use the system user id and then prompts for user name password. I am really curious to use system user
  3. From my experience, if I do a clean install it can find the the remote host/server, but when I upgraded from old version, it always failed to find remote host/server.
  4. http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=FM-en-4&thread.id=29602
  5. Thanks for your response. I am now also considering the Import option from Script lets see how it goes. Actually I was thinking to pass a parameter from FM and then execute that Stored Procedure and get the resulted value as parameter back to FM.
  6. Hi I am trying to get parameters OUT from a Stored Procedures running in MySQL backend. My Stored Procedure is(In MySQL) CREATE PROCEDURE sp_grandtotal (IN orderid INT, OUT gtotal decimal(6,2)) SELECT SUM(quantity*unitprice) INTO gtotal FROM OrderedProducts WHERE _kf_OrderID=orderid Now I am trying to run/call it from FMs Execute SQL Script as Calculated SQL text: "SET @gtotal:=0.0; call sp_grandtotal("&Orders::__kp_OrderID&",@gtotal); Select @gtotal" There are two problems: Not sure about the syntex here in Calculated SQL text because its no
  7. Hi As I am new in FM development. Had a training on FM Development. Also have experience SQL Server, Oracle, Access, FoxPro. From my understanding, FM is mostly click/drag-m-drop based friendly application development engine. Where Relationship and Table Occurrences are the main base for all type of processing and calculation. Bearing the above background, my thoughts are still stick to Stored Procedures, SQLs, batch updates, Triggers. I do not have problem with Catalog, Archive type databases because those type of databases uses less functions/calculations/processing of batch re
  8. Hi I am trying to configure Directory Service with Novell eDirectory (NetWare 5). I tried all ways that I can think of and all the solutions through help(mostly AD solutions are available) but no success yet. Can anyone helpme or show me the right path? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for your solution. Problem is keeping track of BranchName and DivisionName. Cause from time to time, these names changes when ever merge/de-merge/restructure occurs. And Job Profile record is unique for that instance and its historical. I may need to think in different way. May implement some text fields to preserve these names. Regards Haseeb
  10. Hi I have following tables Job Profile: ID, Designation, Branch[Text],Division[Text]...; Division: _kp_DivisionID, DivisionName; Branch: _kp_BranchID, BranchName, _kf_DivisionID. Division & Branch are related. Now I am trying to create two Drop Down/Popup text fields Division & Branch. Want to select Division and store the Division.DivisionName in "Job Profile".Branch field. So that it remains historical. Then want to select Branch.BranchName filtered by selected Division and store same way in Branch. So to achive that what I should do? Thanks in advance. Ha
  11. Perfect. All good. Actually I am from SQL background so really struggling to divert thoughts from that angle. Please suggest any resources using which I can be successful developer.
  12. I am doing this because I am importing data from a Lotus Notes application. So for normalization purpose, I wanted to grab the ID from Division based on a text field. But this is only one time solution and a way to avoid manually typing of all fkIDs. After I am done with it, users will only pick fkId from popup menu(Division table) and will see the Division name and populate only the Division fields in Branch table. Thanks Haseeb
  13. Hi I have two tables Division{ID,Name} Branch{ID, Name, fkId_Division, Division Name} Branch::ID, Branch::Name and Branch::Division Name fields are populated. My goal is matching Branch::Division Name with Division::Name, grab the Division:ID and put in Branch::fkId_Division field. Thanks in advance.
  14. Absolutely perfect answer. I got what I wanted. Actually From To fields are for Salary range i.e. From $51000 to $58000. Thanks a lot. Haseeb
  15. Hi I have table "Job Profile"(ID, fkId_Classification, "Salary From", "Salary To"...) and Classification(ID[pk], Classification, From, To) My goal is to pick a Classfication from a Drop down list and populates the "Job Profile":"Salary From" n "Salary To" from Classification:From n To. Now the Classification table will be updated from time to time when new salary scales are proposed. But do not want the old "Job Profile" records to be updated. When it is committed its done. New Salary scale(From n To) will only reflect on new records. So to do that what I should do.
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