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  1. Are there any Filemaker EMR Software out there that are made for home healthcare (esp the billing part?). I've been trying to find this solution for a while and I cant find one. Directions will be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi All, Got this one solved.... FYI---Solution 1. Close application from the server side. 2. Find the main file or solution. 3. Repopulate your global field containers 4. Restart your server. Hope this helps! :
  3. Hi All, I am wondering if anybody encountered an issue like this. " I am using global container fields to hold interface graphics and as soon as I exit the solution... all of the graphics in the container goes away!" I am lost with this and have been searching for the answer for days with an obvious answer of no success. Help! Allan :
  4. Hi Fenton, Here's the sample photo of the medication profile with both registrations inside the portal. Allan
  5. Hi Fenton, You are definitely right! Have been trying to tweak around my solution and Ive resolved some issue such as separating active vs. discharged by using REGISTRATION Table as my parent table and tunneled most of the data from it ( dont know if i'm creating a monster here! please advise!). Drawbacks are: 1. have to declare mostly everytime if the registration is active or discharged. 2. Using find a lot. The SOLUTIONS ISSUE now is on the portal in which i am using to register all the medications. Problem is; 1) I cant filter medications of an "active" registratio
  6. Hi Barbara, Attached is the sample snapshot of the solution's issue. I can pull filter the portal just fine but pulling the report from the list view to show just "Active" patients and using GTRR function to go to the PATIENT Layout and show the "Active" REGISTRATION is a mere challenge. Just for clarification " I am filtering the list view and the portal" based on the patient_status field that resides in the REGISTRATION TABLE (child table of PATIENT TABLE). I created an Find [ActiveList] Script that should filter the "Active"Patients as shown; Help! ;( Thanks
  7. Hi Barbara, // You could also consider having three tables for Patients. One is the "base" table in which all the fields reside. Then, two table "subtypes" for "Active" and "Discharged" patients. Here is a link discussing this technique.// ----"I Didnt get the link"-------- //3) To have the newly created files ( B,C,D,E,F) be the default view on readmission.
  8. Hi Miss Cooney, Yes, I am creating a database that will contain a medical record in the office. At one point, we have to discharge them from our care (similar concept to being hospitalized). All the files that was created during that time frame must be protected from any alteration as part of regulatory (fed and state) compliance. I have tables PATIENTS (A), MEDICATIONS (:, DIAGNOSIS©, INSURANCES(D),VISITS(E) and CHARTS(F). "A" has one to many relationships to the rest (B,C,D,E,F). ...What I can do so far.. 1) I can flag B,C,D,E,F to "Archived" or "Discharged" 2) I can cre
  9. Hi All, I ve been searching and figuring out how to archive a file which remains in the same file but can be summoned anytime to create; 1) duplicate record with different data set or independent of each other without changing the archive file. I can duplicate and had flagged the archived "inactive" and saved the found set and set privileges to be accessed only by [Full Access] accounts but; 1) PROBLEM IS - It is not independent of each other. Any changes from ... will occur to the other. ' i thought of exporting to an archived file but I am very sure there is an an
  10. Hi John, From your recommendation, here's what it ends up with ( still with the "daystoexpire" field. Case ( xlic_days_exp ≤ 0; TextColor ( "Expired" ; RGB ( 220 ; 0; 0 ) ); //Red xlic_days_exp < 32; TextColor ( "Expiring" ; RGB ( 0 ;128; 0 ) ); //Green "Current" ) I didn't have use the conditional formatting anymore. It didn't work when i placed the calc script inside the license_status. Or did I place it in the wrong field? Allan :
  11. John, Thank you very much for your help. Wow! That's just tell you I am a newbie. Follow up question; 1) Is there a way I can eliminate "daystoexpire" calc fields or it is necessary to have a boolean calc result container ). 2) If NOT, should I make it a global field to decrease the load in my solution? Thank you very much again, John! : Allan
  12. Hi All, I've been working on this code and it seemed very redundant for me. But I cant seem to create a short but efficient code. Here's the scenario; 1. I have Employees(EMP) and Human Resources(HR) Table. 2. EMP contains the personal info and HR contains all the requirements which includes (11 status (text) field, 11 exp or renewal (date )fields and 11 days to expire (calc - renewal_date - get(currentdate)) field. 3. I developed a long repeating script that will trigger and remind if requirements are going to expire "EXPIRING", EXPIRED or CURRENT. Here's the Code:
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