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  1. I mean licensing it to a user for a year for example, then reactivate it after the lease is renewed!
  2. I mean How can I hide the field definitions from the users!
  3. How can I make a file stop working after a specific period of time?
  4. How can I make the file definitions unseen to the users?
  5. Sorry, My native lang. is not English but my question again is: Accounts are combinations of Password and Previlege set that allows the user to do certain things. You can have many accounts with different passwords. These accounts will be able to do exactly the same things to the records. My qysetion clearly is: Can I limit the access of some users who are using the same Previlege set or do I have to create one Previlege set fr everyone of those users?
  6. Hi. Can a Privilege Set be assigned to many passwords such that each password will allow the user to deal with only subset of the records. Example: If I create a Markbook for Math teachers to include all the students of the school. How can I assign passwords to this Privilege Set such that each password will only be able to edit and change ... a certain class of the whole school.
  7. Thanks a lot. I used the link and it was useful.
  8. You are right. I did that. It is faster. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Mr. Lee. I am sure I was not clear. Here is the problem again. I have a file with 20 Fields. Their names are: Quiz_01_T1 & Quiz_02_T1, .... I copied the fields into a new file. Now I want to change all these field names to: Prt_01_T1 & Prt_02_T1, ... al in a quick way. Is there a solution for that.
  10. Hi. I am using FM 8.5 Advanced. I am looking for a way to help me find and replace field names so that I can change 50 of them to new names the way we do in a word document.
  11. Hi. I use FM 8.5 Advanced. I copied Fields from a file to another. Then I copied a layout from the parent file to the one that have just taken the copied fields but the layout came with the fileds in it blank. (Blank Text fields. Is there a way I can copy a layout from file to file.
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