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  1. Thanks for the link, let me try this and see how it works. I wondering if the error is detected if I could just restart FMGo for them? This is frustrating for the user as in some cases where records are created we find that they are immediately deleted when you leave that record. The restart fixes that problem but sometimes they do not realize that it happened. Would be nice to have an " on wake up" function that we could trigger.
  2. I have a solution on the iPad using FMGo13 and the user likes to let the iPad sleep without logging out. When the iPad wakes up I have experienced weird problems from, records not saving, data entry not allowed, not being able to connect to host even though the network and the host show they are available. If you restart the iPad the problem is solved and everything works perfectly, only seems to happen after the iPad sleeps Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the solution was
  3. I know this is an old post but I have experienced this if FMgo has a file open and the iPad goes in to hibernate mode. you have to completely restart the iPad and that seems to resolve the problem. I'm not sure what the over all fix is for this problem
  4. I'm having the same problem and getting the same error. My paths seem to work with other functions such as SCMove and SCDelete but not SCCopy for some reason. I have set the base URL to SCSetBaseURL("http://localhost:8020/SuperContainer/Files" ) Then I want to copy a file from this path Email_Attachments/146163/1/FSH_12-LOB-0108_DE_8x105.pdf to this path Email_Attachments/146164/1/FSH_12-LOB-0108_DE_8x105.pdf NOTE: the only difference is the ID number in the path So I have tried SCCopy(Email_Attachments/146163/1/FSH.pdf ; Email_Attachments/146164/1/FSH.
  5. bcooney when you say enter the path in my pref field. I have tried http://localhost:8020/SuperContainer/Files/ I have also tried SCSetBaseURL("http://localhost:8020/SuperContainer/Files/" ) My script step is Set Variable [$result; Value: SCSetBaseURL(Pref_field)] Just for testing I have tried to just set a variable to see if it will pull the data from the field and that works ok.
  6. is there a way to SetBaseURL using data stored in a field instead of hard coding it into the script. I have a preferences area and I want to be able to set the base URL from a field in the preferences area. What I have now works fine when I hard code it but for some reason I put the same data in to a field and it does not work.
  7. I have a problem that just started a few days ago. When reading messages and importing them in to Filemaker it is also putting a copy in to the FileMaker application folder for some reason. Not sure what is causing this as no changes have been made to the system.
  8. I'm having the same problem but only on one machine. Was there any resolution to what is causing this.
  9. I think I have resolved this by replacing the part of the applescript that was duplicating the file. Here is the new applescript that I'm running (I changed the line where it was duplicating the file to move and it seems to work) tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" set cloc to cell "Temp path name" of current record set dp to cell "temp desktop path" of current record end tell end try tell application "Finder" set dloc to ((dp as text) & "Test_File_Move") end tell tell application "Finder" activate move file cloc to folder dloc delay (3)
  10. Thanks for the reply, I did try to put them in a container field but some of the emails have 10 or 15 attachments and it would not import all of them. I most likely could have been something I was doing wrong.
  11. I'm using 360works email to down load emails from a IMAP server. When it downloads an email with an attachment it puts that down in a temp folder on the local HD. I want to move that to a folder on the desktop. I have wrote a script that loops through the new emails recieved and it calls an applescript to move the emails. The problem is that it does not move all the attachments. it is not consistent sometimes it will move a file and some times it will not. Here is the applescript that I'm running tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" set cloc to cell "Temp path name" of cur
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