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  1. I was able to make it work thanks to you. Thanks so much.
  2. I should not have anything locked since there is only one person using the invoice system. Can you give me an example of how I would use the replace field contents method in my current script. I had tried that before but I could not mange to make it work.
  3. I'm trying to find out how to apply a time stamp to all the open records being browsed when I run a script. Currently I search all my invoices for items that have not been payed. I then hit a button to run a script to email all open invoices. A time stamp is added to show that it has been emailed. Right now my script only applies the time stamp to the first record. All are being emailed however. Any ideas or help how I can get the time stamp for all the records being emailed. Script calculation is below: Insert Calculated Result [Select; Invoicing:: Emailed Timestam
  4. Maybe a script that would apply a timestamp to all open files would work.
  5. I created a script that emails invoices and applies a time stamp.. That worked great when used one layout page at a time. I was then asked if we could do multiple pages instead one at a time. I just had them find all the pages that they wanted to email so the script would email all that was being browsed. This method works great but it only applies the time stamp to the first page in the browsed pages. Is there a way to make the time stamp apply to all the browsed pages when emailed. I'm using filemaker 11 pro right now. The script that I'm using is below. Insert Calculated Result
  6. Any ideas. I don't see how this could happen during a search.
  7. yes its working correctly. Except for when you search that field.
  8. I have a layout that has a calculation field for my records. This calculation shows if an order is open or closed. Normally I can use the search feature and type open in that field to show all my open records. Just last week it doesn't search correctly. When I search for all the open records now it will bring up a lot of closed records and just a few open records. The calculation hasn't been changed and it works if you look at my records individually. This is my calculation. If(GetAsNumber(BALANCESHIP)=0;"CLOSED"; "OPEN")
  9. To do that would I be creating a custom record privilege. Create Yes, view Yes, Edit no, Delete no, Field access all.
  10. We tried only allowing the user to enter into empty fields for 3 days now. Users are making a few mistakes per day. Too bad we cant put that function on a timer. For instance you have 10 minutes to edit the field like you need it. Once that 10 minutes are up you can not edit them. The other option you mentioned was to let them create but not edit. I would think that would just allow them to make a record but not enter any data into the fields.
  11. I'm sure they would mess up a field at some point so that would be a problem. And they have to be able to edit and create these records because it's what they do all day long. Any other ways to lock a record.
  12. We create a record that has some information. Once everything has been entered we give it a number. Once the number has been added we would like to lock everything on that record so nothing can be changed.
  13. Can a script be made to lock all the data on a record? I find that employees go back to look at old records but change things by accident.
  14. Thanks, I was putting the calculation in the wrong spot. Within the custom dialog area.
  15. I tried it a few different ways but it keeps telling me the specified table can not be found. Is it because I am using the calculation in the show custom dialog script..
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