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  1. I struggle to figure this out. I'm told that in our completely VM environment that we use a SAN architecture which should provide the speed and the ability to present the volume as a local drive. None of the material that I find in the forums seem to deal with the VM environment and translating is somewhat difficult. I'm arranging a test server so configured to see if this would work. The problem we're looking to solve is that it would reduce the enormous drain on our NetBackup resources by backing up the Filemaker BUs on a SAN volume rather than from the Filemaker Server itself. I know there
  2. We're seriously looking at using a Standby server, but am curious if you've come across anyone with experience actually implementing it. Haven't come across anyone so far. Wish I could have heard Wim's presentation on the topic as there may have been audience responses based on their experience. I'm checking to see if Laura Bowyer that I work with attended that session. Thanks. Bill
  3. I'm writing SOP for stopping Filemaker Server 12 prior to a restart of the hosting Windosw Server. My question is: When you STOP SERVER, does it gracefully close the databases? Or should one first close the databases? What I've found so far is opinions, but no actual statement that STOP SERVER does or does not close the databases gracefully. It appears on the surface that when you STOP SERVER and someone is connected, that it gives you a chance to notify users and include a delay before closing the databases and stopping the server. However, I haven't seen anything published about Best Pract
  4. I'm writing an SOP document for restarting Windows servers hosting Filemaker Server 12. I have the correct syntax from the Filemaker Server 12 Help PDF. fmsadmin disconnect client -m message, --message message However, when I try to use it, it doesn't work. I need an example as the syntax for the message part is unclear. Here's what I tried: fmsadmin disconnect client -m --Please log out Could someone give me an example of what the message part should look like? Bill
  5. Maybe I’m the last one to notice this, but I’ve come to appreciate that Filemaker Server backups don’t replace the copy of any database that has not changed during the daily backup for instance. The result is that if one has the verification box checked it doesn’t happen for those databases. What’s interesting is that one can see the pattern of change simply by looking at the pattern of successful consistency checks. Where I seem to recall reading about databases where there is no change, not being replaced with each backup, I don’t recall anyone mentioning that by implication there would b
  6. Close. It was my mistake. It turns out you can't go from 12.0.1 to 12.0.5 directly. You have to run 12.0.4 first because it's the updater that installs JAVA 7. Even though I had JAVA 7 installed, it is required. I wasn't thorough enough in checking because it doesn't mention it in the 12.0.5 notes. Our production servers had been updated, but when IT provided the installer for a temporary test install, they provided the original installer. D'oh. At least I hope if anyone else gets tripped up answering my own question might help someone. Thanks though, Wim.
  7. Got this strange error running the FMS 12.0.5 updater. This just a test server to used prior to rolling out the update to our production servers. Â It's got me stumped. Any clues would be greatly appreciated. Â Windows 2006 R2 Enterprise, SP1 Â Â
  8. I have a test server FMSA 13.0.4 running on Windows Server 2012 Standard. Our back office folks have IE locked down such that it's unusable. I'm having to use Chrome to run the Admin Console, which is fine. However, when I try to Open Test or Start Page from the Server menu, I get a security certificate warning and can't proceed further as it appears to be trying to use IE. I can copy the URL and paste it into Chrome an it gives me the warning, but lets me proceed.. Is there a way to keep the menu selection from defaulting to IE? I already have Chrome set as the default browser. It's a pai
  9. I did that after the install tried Port 16001 and failed. "localhost:16001/admin-console" generating by the installer produces "Unable to connect" error message "localhost:16000/admin-console" says "Connecting" and then dies with a blank page I'm going to have them put up another VM instance and try it again. Will report my results.
  10. Pardon any confusion. I meant to say after they installed FMSA13, I attempted to upload a test database that we use. After further investigation and visits to IT, I discovered that the install fails at the end when it tries to open the Admin Console so that the username and password can be entered. The browser opens "localhost:16001/admin-console" and comes up with Unable to connect. I didn't know yesterday that this is where it failed. It left the sample database being served, but no ability to open the Admin Console or upload our test database from FMA13 (no credentials got entered). Â Wh
  11. I'm having a similar problem. Our IT folks uninstalled FMSA12 on my test server (Windows Server R2 Enterprise, SP1. The server is running with the sample file just fine. I thought I'd try uploading a test DB using the FMA13 client, but it didn't accept our normal credentials. I'm betting the whole thing failed before he set the admin user and password. He had installed it, removed it and installed it again with the same results. I'd be interested to see what anyone else has discovered. I have my test OS X install at home that went without a hitch. Bill Bill LeDrew Wizards of the
  12. Just came across this thread and had a question for the person who asked the question. Did I read it correctly to say that at the time you were doing Progressive Backups to a NAS? Yes, I know "No. No. No.". We couldn't even figure out how to create a Filemaker data path that would validate. They want us to show what won't work (NAS & LUN) as part of justifying what we know will work (SAN or RAID?). We're doing proof of concept as when the project is fully implemented we're talking about at least 12T of data, mostly art in managed external containers. Thanks. Bill P.S. by the wa
  13. I want to be able to display thumbnails of all images related to a record in a matrix. I thought doing with the web viewer would be the way to go, but don't have a clue how do do it. Anybody got any suggestions and/or can point me in the right direction? Thanks. Bill
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