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  1. I am usin CWP so will have to use a login script. Thanks Webco. Have you a sample script I can amend to suit my purposes?
  2. Thanks Steven, I figured there had to be a way to do this.
  3. I want to set up a web page that can access a database I have written. I want to have different businesses accessing that database and making entries. However, I want each business to be only able to access their own data. Can I do this by setting up different accounts for each business or do I need to have a separate database for each business. Each business will not be loading too much data but each business cannot be allowed to see another firms data.
  4. This seems to me like an incredibly stupid question. I have Filemaker 11 on my PC. Everywhere I look there is talk of how well Filemaker handles being used on a PC or on a Mac. I have now bought an IMac. Can I take my Filemaker 11 program and simply load it onto the Mac. I can see how Filemaker GO works. I suspect that it is only the solutions that work on both machines. However, nowhere does it say this is not what can happen. Is this because it is so obvious, and everyone knows it can happen.
  5. No not a sub summary report. Just a page that has some information to be printed out. Some of the fields are global, as the information is only needed for the printout and then forgotten. The layout is from an unrelated table that contains data that once printed can be forgotten about. It's in the shape of a quick report in a database for a single user, so I consider the global fields a good option.
  6. I have had this problem before, but I cannot remember the solution. When I enter Preview Mode it's empty. I thought it was caused because the page exceeded the printing page but its not that. Any suggestions?
  7. If I want to publish a database on line, do I need to add other programmes to it or write some PHP script. I have used Dreamweaver to set up web sites but never a Filemaker database. What I am asking is, do most hosting sites take a straight Filemaker 10 Database or do I have to enhance it. I have looked through all the books and data I have, and they all seem to assume one would know all of this.
  8. With Instant Web Publishing, accessing a valued list, via radio boxes, pop up lists etc. dont work that well. Is there a solution that makes these work better. It seems to me that the file doesnt update quick enough for them to work.
  9. Crackers


    I have created the preference file as you suggested and it works a wonder. This is what I understood Globals were going to do. Once you master something like this you wonder why it was so hard to start with, and it becomes part of your general knowledge. The hard part when you help someone else is understanding why they are having so much difficulty with a technique you understand so well. You are a good teacher. One of things that is difficult to understand in Filemaker is that it will accept things in a simplified form ie: 6 + 5 when logic tells you to use Sum(6 + 5). To
  10. Crackers


    Listen Lady, I have spent hours working hard and at very high concentration level to make this as complicated as I can for myself. Now you have suggested a simple solution. Come to New Zealand, and I will buy you a good lunch. Thanks for that. You're a Gem.
  11. Crackers


    Is this going to work without any great hiccup? The maximum number of users at any one time is going to be 6. I have set a preference table. On here are all the fields I need the administrator to alter. Each of these would only alter probably 3 times per year. What I need now is to have the corrosponding field in the occupancy table be updated if at any time the field in the pref table is altered. The preference table is not related to anyone. What if I create a ''set field'' script attached to each field in the preference table, and this script is triggered to run a scrip
  12. Crackers


    Thanks for that, I understand what you are saying, and appreciate your help. Will probably run with your first suggestion.
  13. Crackers


    I have had a look for preference tables but have not found anything concrete. Can you point me in the right direction?
  14. Crackers


    Aha, the penny has dropped. With a Global table and multi users, the last single user to log out will cause the global fields to empty. Or it could be that they are altered but users may not see the same info. Thanks for that guys , I will have a look at preference tables and design a work around. I have used globals like this before but not for multi users so the issue has never come up.
  15. Crackers


    I am bowing to your greater knowledge guys. However, I need every person using the database and entering new clients, to have access to these standard rates. I would have thought Globals were designed for this sort of thing. So I guess I look closer at Preference Tables and see if I can create there what I need.
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