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  1. Hello, Well, here is the situation. This new customer gave me a contract work to put his single user FileMaker 5 database onto a server with FM Server 8 and FM 8.5 clients. One of the database user is now complaining that she needs to change each time to A5 horizontal each time she prints this particular form. So my question is: The "Page Setup" is global to the database from version 1 of FileMaker? Or is it something new since the server version? And to reply to your question: No, I am not encountering printing scripts problems for now because I haven't started u
  2. Hello, Thanks for your reply. May I ask you to point me to a specific FMI KB that relates about these problems? Thanks and Best Regards. Andrew Hobson Champagne, Switzerland
  3. Hello, I have a FM database on a MacOS 10.4.11 served with Fm Server 8.0v4. The clients are also on MacOS 10.4.11 but use FM Pro 8.5. The problem is if I set the Page Setup for a layout (Paper Size, Orientation) it isn't saved with the layout. Each time I reconnect to the database and print the layout, I must change the Page Setup. Is there a solution to this problem? How do you save this information in a client/server environment? Thanks for the help. Andrew
  4. I need to go thru my selected records, and go thru each Multivalued fields and if the record matches some croteria, I need to create a record in another table (that is not linked). I want to avoid to write in my main loop (in sort of pseudo code) Loop thru record of Table A if (Multivalued 1 = Yes) create record Table Z end if if (Multivalued 2 = Yes) create record Table Z end if if (Multivalued 3 = Yes) create record Table Z end if if (Multivalued 4 = Yes) create record Table Z end if End Loop I would want to write: TheMa
  5. Hello, Is it possible to make a loop with scriptmaker that goes thru each records of a Multivalued field? Or must I address each Multivalued field individually? If it is possible can someone point me to an example? Thanks for the help. Andrew
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not able to download your example file. I get an error message that the file is missing! Would you be OK to send it direct ton my Email adress? Thanks. Andrew.
  7. Hi, I am unsure how FileMaker works. I must go into search mode for the table Participants. Then loop thru the selected records of table Participants. But in the loop I need to create records for another table that has no relations to Participants. So as you suggest, this is possible? Could you please provide me with an example ? Because I don't understand... Thanks
  8. Hello, Here is what I need to do. Perform a search to find my Participants Loop thru the selected records from the Participants table In the Loop create a record in the table Temporary Based on criterias in a multivalued field in the Table Participants (Conditional if) End Loop if the end of file Participants in reached Is this technically possible with FileMaker.
  9. Hi, I still have the same problem... My backup destination is the internal drive of the FM Server machine. I clicked on the "Default Directory" button. FM says the destination is valid. But I get 2 error messages (see my previous posts for the details). I set the privileges to the folders to "Full Access" to Everyone. So I am lost here. I really don't see why this backup is failing. Any help is welcome!
  10. Hello, So I had a look at the log. There is an error 494 (wrong backup destination). The problem is that I clicked on the button "Default" to get FM default destination. I get a message the the destination is valid... In the log I also see Avertissement 156 writing is impossible. I repaired MacOS X File permissions. All is OK. My account is an admin account. What must I do? The destination looks like this: filemac:/Serveur HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/ Thanks for any help.
  11. Hello, I have a problem with FileMaker Server 8.0.4 on a MacOS 10.4.11 machine. I have set up a program (in FileMaker Server Admin) to run every day to backup the database. It is active, and set to run each day at 19:00. But no backup gets done... The backup is targetted to be done in: filemac:/Server HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups I tried everything and I hope someone can point me to some things I need to check / adjust for this backup to run... Thanks!
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