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  1. I have used SC for images and webpublishing for a long time, and it works GREAT!! I use fms 12 on a macmini. We have now started to only have electronic documents for incoming invoices as pdf files, it also works great. But now we also want to organize our contracts and other text documents and when I insert xls files into my document database, in supercontainer, i got some problems where I could need some tips from you. When viewed on a layout with a webviewer and the url is containing a supercontainer url with RawData the xls files is downloaded to my desktop. How can I avoid this? Looking forward to hear from you.
  2. I use SuperContainer for my website at www.bookingservice.no It works great, fast and easy!
  3. Hello, I am new to php and use the Filemaker php siteassistant to generate the php code for my product database. But I cant get the pictures to be displayed. I have a calculation: "src> on the webpage You can see the generated page here: http://kontor.bookingservice.no/produktweb/browserecord.php?-action=browse&-recid=2185 What am I doing wrong to get the pictures to be displayed on the webpage? Do I have to edit the php code, or can I adjust the filemaker calculation and field type? How should I protect the container field from being deleted or changed?....pleas dont delete the sample file : By adding the "?style=readonly" I protect the field in filemaker, but not on the web I suppose? Looking forward to hear from someone. Best regards Nicolay
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