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  1. update: I duplicated the field so I can use it for testing. The new field gives an error that I haven't seen before. When testing the SQL qualifier it give "example query failed with this error message: -1" What does that mean? the field is text and we're using MS4. I've also tried it with the field as number and saleStatusAvailableCalc=1 s
  2. I'm adding some custom SQL qualifiers - WHERE (sale_status available calc=1) this fails as the field name has 'calc' in it which I imagine is a reserved word. If I rename the field saleStatusAvailableCalc it works fine. But I have many huge ipad databases in the wild and can't update the field name just now.... So I'd like to escape it - but WHERE (\"sale_status available calc\"=1) fails with a syntax error Is it possible to do a normal escape at this point? thanks Steven
  3. Hi Ryan Yep - the client is running standalone and they don't get a thumbnail... I'd say bump it up your list as it's going to be a big issue for many iphone & mac users soon!
  4. Hi - when will SC support HEIC images?
  5. Hi Scott Could you elaborate on this a bit? We have just got ours and also have no docs to work from! Crazy really... My app iLinea FMG just crashes so I can't even edit the settings... Have you had luck using this system? Thanks Steven
  6. running 10.5.8 and installing latest mirrorsync I get this error: Install Failed The following install step failed: run post install script for install any advice?
  7. this doesn't seem to work for any tif files with latest SC on a mac Is there a workaround?
  8. I have a layout with 30 containers in a portal. the container are unstored calculations: SCGetContainer( resource; 150; 150;72) Watching the log sometimes it's really fast - a split second for each container But most of the time it takes about 1 to 2 seconds This is testing with the same images - with nothing else running on the computer Each here's an extract from the log - does it look normal?: CONFIG: === Executing plugin function SCGetContainer on thread AWT-AppKit === Mar 18, 2014 12:54:04 PM com.prosc.supercontainer.plugin.SCPluginModel resourceInfoFromHeaders CONFIG: headers:
  9. recently I've been getting an 'operation timed out' message from super container on a couple of client machines  latest ver of sc  happens when viewing a large image e.g. 100mb tif  any advice?  thanks  steven
  10. It seems recent version of sc don't allow chaining of styles &style=nodelete works &style=right works but &style=nodelete+right ignores both styles &style=nodelete+image_only ignores both styles has the syntax changed recently?? on fmp server 13 and client 13 on mac 10.9.1 latest sc ver steven
  11. Following a recent update to the current sc plugin, all of our images with foreign characters in the filename now fail. We get an empty rectangle where the image should be. The images are still in the Files and Thumbnails. If I source the original File in supercontainer and reupload it - then it works fine. Is there a reason for this behaviour? Now I have to find 1000's of broken images and reupload them...
  12. great - thanks for the quick response just had a quick check and semicolons are surprisingly 'legal'... steven
  13. running ver 2.792 on snow leopard. when I import a .tif with a ; (semicolon) in the name it crashes supercontainer tried renaming the image and it imports perfectly added the ; back and it crashes again the crash log mentions EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) and libImageResize.jnilib any help? Would prefer not to parse image names before import every time... s
  14. Ok - RESOLVED!!! I had to delete the entire thumbnails folder - I think SCDownload was reusing the old x120 thumbnail... Thanks - I'll have a happy client today steven
  15. Hi I've confirmed that it's the latest version 2.748 standalone server and plugin just did some testing: With the sample image attached earlier, if I import it into the database SCDownload works as expected 120px height If I try with the original image (one that hasn't been exported then reimported) it's still 119px I've tried clearing cache, restarting everything. All I can think is, is there a 119px image stored somewhere to stop it remaking the new 120px version?? steven
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