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  1. Thank you so much for your time. Everything worked as you said it would. Could you recommend a good text book or video where I might learn the basics of FM, not for commercial purposes but for household and hobby purposes.
  2. After I change all items whose location is currently "office" to "Hobby Room" can I delete "office" from the dropdown?
  3. I am a newbee. I installed the inventory platform to place my household inventory should I ever have a homeowners fire insurance claim. I have a field called "Location" where it produces a dropdown where one of the items is called "Office." See photo attached. I retired and have no further need of an office and would like change its name to "Hobby Room." I tried going into Fields>File>Manage Database and Manage Fields both in the regular and edit fields without success. See photo. I appreciate the help and thank you in advance.
  4. How do I make the checkboxes visible in my checkbox dropdown list? I am using FMP 11 on a MacBook Pro 10.6.7. I can place an X beside each value in my value list but it would be nice if a blank box appeared beside each value.
  5. First, thank you for the reply. I would appreciate where I might find the material you suggested I read.
  6. I am a newbee to FM. I am using FM-11 on MAC OS 10.5.8. I created a database table and layout of STUDENTS that included their email address. I then created a second layout whose records were letters that included the student’s names, email addresses and grades. I plan to attach extra credit work to the letters. I was told that to send individual emails to the students required writing a script for a loop through a found set. I have no idea how to do this. If someone could write the script I need, I would appreciate it very much. If you could explain how it works and why, I would be eve
  7. I upgraded to FMP 11 but it seems to want to send the same email to each person. I created a table of persons with email addresses and then a letter table which relates their grade and scores for each period from another related layout. Each letter goes to each person and is unique to that person. I need help in doing this.
  8. I just upgraded from FMP7 to FMP11 and am having problems with the tabs feature. I created 3 tabs. I had 15 fields of which I wanted to place 5 under each tab. When I put 5 of my fields in one, they show up in each tab. If I place another 5 in another tab these also show up in all tabs. How do I make each set of 5 fields show up in each of my three tabs individually?
  9. I am an educator and a newbee to Filemaker. The students are ranked based upon certain achievement scores. When I print the list in order of achievement, I use the @@ function to print each student’s ranking. Once I have their ranking I would then like to print their names alphabetically. If I rearrange the list alphabetically I cannot keep the original ranking associated with the name. I would appreciate some assistance
  10. I have 193 students. I rearrange them in different orders to show their status in different subjects. How do I let them see their rankings in the group by associating a number each time I rearrange them. For example, in math it may be 1. Salley 2. Joe 3. Sarah But in English it may be 1. Joe 2. Sarah 3. Sally
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply. If possible, I wouldn't mind sending the emails directly from my FileMaker Pro 7, but I assume that will require a plug-in, since I find nothing in the FMP7 menu supporting emails. Could you recommend an email plug-in for FMP7 that will allow me to send emails to the email addresses in my records along with pdf attachments? Remember I am a newbee, so I would appreciate something simple.
  12. I have 200 records with names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. I would like to export these records to MAC's Address Book Application so I can send emails via MAC's Mail application to the entire group. Can anyone advise how this may be done or if it can be done without recopying each record's data into the Address Book application?
  13. I rearranged View>View as Table by shrinking and moving columns by dragging them all over with my mouse. I would now like to restore the View to Table to its original form without going through trying to re-drag and resize to original positions. Is there any easy way to do this?
  14. Thanks. That did it. And the purpose was "just for fun." I am trying to learn the program which was given to me. I am an amateur and intend to stay that way.
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