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  1. I rebooted, changed all the colors involved the the same system color, and they agreed to cooperate. Then I switched back to the initial color, and they still agreed to cooperate. Just one of those things, I guess. Thanks for the help!
  2. Here - this demonstrates the problem, sort of. Untitled.fp7.zip
  3. Here is the (desired) behavior, when the variable is > 0
  4. I'm not sure how to extract the code from my large database file in a way that will give you what you need, so here are some pictures and descriptions. First image (layout.jpg) shows edit layout mode, with the empty textbox in front of the button. The conditional formatting on the button is set to make the colour of the textbox the specified fill colour when the variable next to it is < 1. The trouble comes right when I select the colour: Filemaker immediately sets it darker, right in the Conditional Formatting Dialog. Second image (box.jpg) shows the unintended result.
  5. I have a functioning system whereby I hide a button using an empty textbox. It works perfectly, except that Filemaker will *not* let me set the "hide" color of the box to match the background. I have tried everything I can think of (using the eyedropper tool, setting the background to a stock color from the color picker and then setting the "hide" color to the same one, letting Filemaker screw up the color of the button and then changing the background to match)... no luck). Filemaker always insists on making the "hide" box darker than the background. This is driving me nuts. What am I mi
  6. I have two tables: project records and outcome recordss. Not every project produces outcomes. I have a functioning button on the projects layout that triggers a script that finds and displays outcomes that cite the currently displayed project as their 'parent'. I would like to exclude this button from the layout if there are no find results. (Or at the very least, change it so that it says "No related outcomes"). It's not good enough to force the user to click and be confronted with "No results". I have two questions: 1. How do I exclude or change the button, based on the
  7. It was indeed a transaction table that I was looking for - I eventually stumbled on this John Mark Osborne video detailing how to implement it: video
  8. I'm sure this is dead easy, but here goes... I have a database with a small number of records, and I want to be able to record a snapshot of the content of a few fields on each record as they appear at month-end, and compare them on a month-over-month and quarterly basis. Can someone suggest the most efficient way of doing this?
  9. Well, the portal functioned properly when I re-created it. Not sure what was up there. Thanks very much for your help!
  10. Okay - I have this half-working. I created a portal. But the portal only shows the first related record. I know FM is identifying all the related records, because I made a value list and a GTRR button based on the related records, and they all show up there. Any advice?
  11. I have two tables: Projects and Outcomes. A Project can produce multiple Outcomes. When an Outcome record is created, users specify the "Mother Project" through a dropdown populated with values from the Project Number field in the Projects table. I want to create a button in the Projects table that finds and shows Outcome records with the Mother Project value that is the Project Number of the Project record they are currently viewing. Can someone help me? I'm a complete FileMaker neophyte...
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