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  1. We've got CTI plug-in integrated into our FileMaker system. When it gets a call from someone, it kicks filemaker script, passes caller's ID and shows Customer's Info. It's working perfectly. The problem that we are facing now is that Filemker gets disconnected from the host sometimes. Then it shows this error "Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed." Once this happens, it never work untill I restart FileMakerPro itself. I tried to figure out to overwhelm this but in consequence had no idea:( You c
  2. Dear fseipel Thanks for quick reply I'll try the things you taught. It sounds awesome, and I never tried them before. Thanks again!! Are the the engineer who have done any work about web service transcation??
  3. Dear fseipel Thanks for the most detailed explanation ever:) I tried exporting memory leak log, and it went well!! I'll try keep tracking this from now on. About turning displaying images off, I was already doing it before but I was still getting slowdown:( As far as I know, the best solution is to restart FileMaker or PC so far. You were saying that you never used the WebViewer to do screen scraping. Then how do you do it? If you have something that you want make PC keep doing batch transcation continuously, what would be the best way? Cron with the batches that are written
  4. Thanks for explanation. That helped my understanding. It's going pretty fine so far since I switched my client PC to good one. Now it rarely slowdowns and stops. Is there anyone who use FileMaker to do this kind of batch script? Share the techniques for stability, please!!!
  5. If I click on the link in FileMaker Pro 12 (for PC), if the link is coded like <a href="http://xxxxxxxxxxx.com" target="_blank"> it pops new window of browser and shows that link. But in FileMakerGo 12, it won't pop up window even though it's coded the same as above. Is there any good way to make it jump to Safari when the user clicks the link? I only could have very little space of web viewer in my FileMakerGo window, that's why I'd like it make it jump to the native browser and they could see it with wide range.
  6. Hey guys!!!! Thanks for the replies. I finally found the best solution!!! Press the field for a while, sub-menu should pop up. Then select "delete" That's it!!! But this is so tricky that user never would notice and find out. So we have to let users know first when they open the file. To be honest, I'd like to Filemaker corp. to implement delete option when it's pop-up list.
  7. With PC, all you need is just hit delete key when it is focusing on the field. But what about Filemaker Go12? When you press the pop-up menu key, you can't hit delete key with iPhone or iPad. Is there any good solution????
  8. It's so simple. just like this. shops/#### goes up to 10000. But as time goes by, filemaker gets slower. Set Variable [$shop; Value: $1] Loop Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "Web"; URL: ''http://test-example.com/shops/'' & $shop ] Set Variable [$HTML; Value: GetLayoutObjectAttribute( "web" ; "content" )] Set Variable [$shop; Value: $shop+1] Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): 3] Set Field [shops::HTML; $HTML] Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "Web"; Action: Reset] Set Variable [$HTML; Value: ""] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop
  9. I have the PC, in which web-crawling script is running 24 hours straight. As time goes by, it seems the PC is getting slower and slower. I'm guessing that it's mainly because of the cache that web viewer makes. If anyone knows how to manage this kind of batch transaction, what would be the best way? any solution? As a consequence, I found out it's better to shut down FileMaker application and launch again and again repeatedly. It seems the most stable. Thanks!!
  10. That's true. I hope that they'll build FileMaker Store, in which we can sell our own FileMaker Database to the end user. Don't you think that it'll be awesome for both developer and FMI to earn extra money. In addition, end-users(iPad) never need to pay until they liked it! because of Free FM Go 12!
  11. Thanks for reply awww, I was going to create fmp12 file, and provide it to everyone who has FileMaker Go. Then they can import their own data into FM Go and use it on iPad without purchasing FileMaker Pro on their own. Is there any way to solve this problem??? Probably No??? FileMaker will never add this function in the future so that people always need to buy FM Pro to import data, right???
  12. Hi, Forum! What if you want to import csv or xls file to your FileMaker Go, what would you do? Do you always need to plug it into PC everytime when you need to transfer the file? Does Filemaker Go have to be online with Wi-FI, and able to connect to the file that you import records from? Can't you import those records(csv or xls) via email attached? If it's stored at certain directory in iPad, and being named as particular name. If you guys have any good idea to import records to FileMaker Go without using FileMaker Pro. Please share the brilliant idea!!
  13. Thanks a lot for the precious information. I'll just wait for the next update.
  14. Hi, Forum! My company uses FileMaker Pro and Server as our basic Database for operations. Our database is pretty huge. It holds over 40 files, and each of them is up to 4.5GB at most. Most of them have relationships each other. It's running under FileMaker Server 11 with PC, which has 2 x 3GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, and 12GB 667MHz DDR2. Every morning, we run the script that does import, calculate, and bunch of field sets. It takes about 2 hours straight. If I could make it shorter with 12, I'd like to switch to FileMaker Pro12 and Server12. Do you guys think tha
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