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  1. When the 'InsertFromURL' works, it's all about the getBetween extraction for the result snippet.
  2. One solution would be to use Google Translate und the 'Insert from URL' function. The translation query can be used in the href. Let's say you have the french word "salle de sejour", which you want to translate into englisch. This is href: https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=fr&tl=en&text=salle de sejour translate&sl= fr&tl=en => french-to-english text= => your text to be translated Extract the html result. Your result lays somewhere between ' <span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"> ' AN
  3. I'm glad you did and that's same what I did in the past. As we know: If we don't do beta-Testing with macOS and iOS, FMI never does anyway as proofed here: iOS 7 - Get(SystemNICAdress) returns... . Report an issue . Bug Report . FileMaker Forums Unfortunately, a infinite loop with installer highSierra beta3 screwed my SSD. I had it replaced with a more affordable 3. Party OWC-Drive. Now it figures out that Apple Inc. refuses to allow installation of Mojave on any 3. Party Drive! Not sure if your info goes under Apple Inc non-disclosure-agreement. A safe way is always to sen
  4. You can also use a WebViewer for animated text indication or icon. see this CF for a html ticker: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1761 or this to use a Base64 encoded animated GIF: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1766
  5. According to your description, the only persistent fact at all is that you need the part "Before" the 2. occurrence of "_" (underline). How about this CustomFunction? http://www.briandunning.com/cf/642
  6. Important to know: deactivate script step(s) inside a script now to be found in top Menu 'Edit' - deactivate or simple shortcut: cmd AND " / " (slash)
  7. I agree with LaRetta about the question of reliability with cond. formatting 500pt. Let's forget that embarrassing FM12 "New function never functioned" issue with color-attribute = 'none' resulted in white color If there's no need to have your solution running on FM12(!), I'ld highly recommend using the new 'hiding object' function. Everything else we did before was just a workaround
  8. I have a "unidirectional" sync from my FM-Solution to iCal or Outlook calendar. It is based on resources I've found on FileMakerHacks: http://filemakerhacks.com/2010/12/13/exporting-data-to-ical-outlook-google-calendar-etc/ though this is a tool to - sync from FM-to-iCal/Outlook - not vize-versa - 3 different routines. one require TROI FilePlugIn, one is built on virtualList, … - dates you delete in your FM-Solution must be manually deleted in iCal/Outlook - Calendar type (Private, Business, Project A, …) has to be determined manually with every sync With same resources, I've bui
  9. with iOS and FMGo, there are ways to open a app with a dedicated URL. Wouldn't know if sun a thing can work with Mac OSX. FM always uses the standard browser according to the setup of the Mac OS. Though, easy way would be to declare Chrome or Firefox as standard browser for the entire OSX. If you're having issues with Webviewer in FM, you got to know that FM's WV uses Safari webkit only.
  10. just a short answer, hope it is of any help: I'ld suggest to avoid Portal-Rows if possible since chances are low to get this even and you'll see less trouble in print layouts with list-view. Therefor, header would be the usual adress-items, data's would be gathered by a dedicated relation. You can apply some sort-orders similar to yours portal-row order. With sort-function, you can apply sub summaries at the end of each data-block. Use the footer area for total summary good luck sorry, that's all I can offer for my spare 5 minutes for today :-)
  11. I'm also looking for a backup-solution for FM Go. There must be a way by sending files as email-attachements from inside FM Go. Hard to deal with the 'Finder' system of iOS. What is the storage location of a FM Go file on the iOS? And therefor, what's the root-directory of any files to be determined as to be attached? Most certainly, this wouldn't work with sending/performing same file that contains the task (send 'myself')
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