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  1. Thanks everyone for all your help. It works, See attached, many thanks test 8.fp7.zip
  2. Hi, could you explain the easy method to highlight the books read by the current user, as this is effectively all i need to achieve. Thanks mark.
  3. Hi thanks for all your help on this, i'm really grateful, however, these solutions don't address my original dilemma. I was wanting to show 1 portal showing all the books available, then by using a calculation field if the book had been read by this user, bring the read date from the books read table. I was then going to use conditional formatting to highlight any of the books that has been read. User Mark Reynard Books Available Read Date Filemaker 10 Beginners 24/01/2011 Filemaker 11 Beginners 25/01/2011
  4. Hi, an Thanks for your help. However the Date Read shown on the users page for all books doesn't work. It shows the same values for all users. Sorry Thanks again.
  5. HI please see attached file. I have 3 tables 1 that stores users, 1 that stores books, and 1 that stores books read. What i am trying to achieve In the Users layout i want to show a portal showing all available books from the books table, but i want to highlight using conditonal formatting all the books read by the user. Please help as i am seriously stuck on this Thanks mark test.fp7.zip
  6. I have a table containing date fields, which are basically holiday dates. In an unrelated table I want a calculation field which is a flag to say whether a date entered is listed in the holiday table. The method i'm using is by 1, creating a valuelist based on the holidaydate field for all values in the holiday table. I then created a calculation field in the holiday table using valuelistitems to have all the values in a field. I was then going to to a test If(not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Bank Holidays::holidays all ; Working Date ));1;0) But is doesnt seem to work.
  7. Hi I've almost got there using timestamps, please see attached zip file. The problem i now have is with 2 overlaps. (I think) Lets say the Normal range is 07:00 till 21:00 if i start at say 20:00 and finish at 08:00 the next day thats a 12 hours shift So the calc should be 1 hour normal until 21:00, then 10 hours until 07:00 then a further normal hour 07:00 til 08:00. Therefore the Result should be Duration = 12 Normal Hrs = 2 Night Hrs = 10 My calc returns the following result Duration = 12 Normal Hrs = 1 Night Hrs = 11 Any suggestion
  8. Yes, I tried with timestamps, just failed whatever I tried, I thought this would be easy, ouch. any help with timestamps would be appreciated.
  9. Sorry about double posting The answer however I can;t seem to make it work,ive added 24 hours as follows should endtime < starttime. The calculation following your instruction, looks as follows If(EndTime What I would like to happen, if starttime is 22:00 and endtime is 09:00 then there should be a duration of 11 hours, so the breakdown should be 22:00 until 7:00 (Night Hours) ie 9 hours 07:00 until 9:00 (Day Hours) ie 2 hours The solution as amended gives 1hr as normal hours, as this is the normal hours calculation any assistance ap
  10. Max ( Min ( RangeEnd ; EndTime ) - Max ( RangeStart ; StartTime ) ; 0 ) This doesn't work if the endtime is less than the starttime, ie (starttime 21:00 end time 0700 (the next day) Any ideas Cheers
  11. Hi I am working on a timesheet system and i just can't seem to get my around this calculation. From entering to Time Fields Start Time and End Time, i need to be able to show the following calculations Basic Pay Hours Night Rate Hours This is how far i have got. I have 2 fields which show the normal pay rate times as these can vary. So BasicPayStart = 0700 and BasicPayEnd =2100 The following calculation sort of works until the EndTime is less than the StartTime ie they start work at say 21:00 and finish the next day say at 07:00 My Calculation Fie
  12. Vaughan your version works a treat, Very useful technique and it looks professional too, and much easier than using a portal and a link table. Many Many Thanks
  13. Ok I used a none real example, to try and simplify my query. Ok I have 3 tables, imagine a beauty salon. Staff Treatments Bookings In Staff I have a field 'CanDo', which is shown on the layout as a checkbox set showing all the values from the Treatments Table. Eg Nails Hair Acrylic Nails Electrolysis Make-up Pedicures Massage For each of the staff records, I will tick which treatments they can do. So in my bookings table. New Booking Layout I firstly choose which member of staff I would like to use I then have to select what
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