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  1. ok, here's what I envision. I can't figure it out but you folks are a lot smarter than I. I would like to have fields on a layout and allow users to select which fields they want to see in a table view. So, if I put 10 fields for choice and a user wanted to see only 3 of them, is there a way for users to indicate which 3 and then have those 3 show up in a table view for sorting and printing? I am using FMDev6. I've seen this kind of thing using javascript and it could be I would need to web enable to get this functionality. just thought I'd ask. thanks tod
  2. i've done tech work, so, it's karma i believe. I can't tell you the number of times folks will explain a problem only to have it fixed by plugging in something. todd
  3. well, i'm appreciative that no one let me know the exact kind of ignorant human being I am. the "If[]" statement has brackets for a reason. duh! I just put my condition actually in the "If" section, between the brackets. I swear I've been using filemaker for years and was blanking on that. I'll blame it on my recent surgery, I'm blaming everything else on it. Todd
  4. Maybe it would help is I posted what I have so far: if[] (this is the step i need)(was trying to use setfield("currentfound", "currentfound = "1") Duplicate Record/Request Duplicate Record/Request Duplicate Record/Request Go to Layout [layout] Else Show Message[message] Go to layout[layout] Enter Find Mode[] End if ------------------ The first condition after the "IF" statement is the one I can't figure out. Am I way off base? thanks Todd
  5. First let me say that I am using FMDev 6. I need a script step that checks the current found count and then either runs the script or shows a message. I only want the script to run if there is one record in the found count. otherwise I show a message that tells the user to refine their search. I am using an If/else statement in my script, that's easy enough and I tried to use "setfield" to grab the number from a field called "currentfound" but after reading the help on "setfield" that isn't the one to use. Any ideas? remember, I am using FMDev 6. thanks Todd
  6. I thought as much, unfortunately I am at the mercy of a data dump from a 3rd party app. guess I could go in and script a record number field. maybe.
  7. hey all, I am trying to create a solution where the core data is updateable. I have a data source that I import initially to populate the database. I now want to update that data. I have another source file that is a data dump that contains some of the same info as the original source import, some of the records have been updated, and there are new records. I import matching on a unique field. using the update matching records/import remaining records option. Records update fine but I have 4 new records that all have the same unique ID (the ID is unique to the individual not the
  8. oh, you beautiful people!!! It works exactly how I needed it to. I will be elevated to demi-God status thanks to this. Yeah, the folks I work for here don't have high expectations........this was a major topic of conversation at our solution design meeting. I'll make sure you get an honorable mention James, rock on! todd
  9. ok James, your way is the way. I had to format it a little different though ( I don't need the field name showing - my field names are easy for calc building purposes and are not meaningful to the end user) anyhow, here's what I did, which, I believe, is the same as what you had logically: If(not IsEmpty(Field1), GetField("Field1") & "¶", "") & If(not IsEmpty(Field2), GetField("Field2") & "¶", "") & If(not IsEmpty(Field3), GetField("Field3") & "¶", "") I'm off to code all 40, I am very hopefull this is the answer. thanks folks, you really
  10. ok, I went in and modified the original text options in my 40 fields. I added ; " " doing that seems to have fixed my issue but I haven't tried it with all 40 fields yet. just to clarify, where you have "Person Name", that is a field at every instance of "Person Name"? so I substitute my fields in there and not some text I would put there? going to give your solution a go. thanks
  11. Lee, i don't have "Let" or "concat" in my calculation choices. FM6 Dev is what I am using. These must be additional choices in a more current version.
  12. this works but ultimately, there is another problem. GetField("Field1") & "¶" & GetField("Field2") & "¶" & GetField("Field3") etc..... if there's a lot of empty fields in between non-empty fields, then you get a lot of blank spaces between the lines. I think I will try a text separator instead of a paragraph. either way, this is working. thanks
  13. ok, going to give that a try. I don't need them to edit on this layout. If they need to edit, I will pop them over to another layout that has all 40 fields on it. I'm having a blast getting this figured out. thanks
  14. ok, too much code, I can accomplish this with only the "GetField(field)" statement, I don't need all the "if/then" stuff. still working on the seperator.
  15. ok, having some results with this: created a calc field: If(not IsEmpty(field1), GetField("field1"), "") & If(not IsEmpty(field2), GetField("field2"), "") & If(not IsEmpty(field3), GetField("field3"), "") I can continue this logic for all 40 fields and it works. it's ugly though, I need to be able to put some kind of seperator between them. It would be gravy if I could code in a hard return between them, but I don't think I can do that. I'll have to experiment with trying to put some kind of text seperator between my results, otherwise, it's one big paragraph.
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