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  1. Hello is there a way to open a file from a FMP database? I have a field with all the Path Info How to tell the Finder to set the FMP field and open it? Thanks a lot Dan
  2. I receive several mails and each mail has an attachment generally with people CV. My database imports the email messagtes and tells me the patf for the various CV files. They come as PDF, DOC, DOCX or other formats. Through the Mac I am always able to copy the text no matter what the original file is How can I create a Script which using Applescript does something like tell application Finder to open the file pause indefinitively paste or go to next record? Each Record has a text field called Attachements with the file location such as MYMAC/Users/DANWAN/De
  3. Thanks everyone for helping out. I now successfully do what I need. Still ... as I am using FMPA 12 and none of my images are references to folders because as an old FMP user as I once lost the referenced folder and had a lot of probmles since. Now what happens with FMPA is as follows the images "randomly" vanish from the db. However I did a IfEmpty(Pics) loop and apparently the images are there but FMPA only shows the rotating spiral arrow and no picture. I assume the images are somehow embedded inside the file is there a way to get them back? Recovering doesn't do anything.
  4. I know this might be an old question however I am unable to solve it Originally I had a FMP12 DB one table only with these fields 1 STUDENTID 2 PIC1 3 PIC2 4 PIC3 5 PIC4 6 PIC5 Everything is in the DB there are no references files. There are about 2000 records in my file therefore the various image files are very many although not every record is fully populated. Some records have less material I tried the standard suggestions I found googling: Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop * Set Variable [$filePath; Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) MyPics::Description & "
  5. Sorry I posted in the wrong forum before: Is there a way to trigger already working Applescripts for QT in a FM database using container as a results? Example: [Applescript] property TimeOffset : 0 tell application "QuickTime Player 7" tell document 1 to set {currentTime, timescale, theDuration, FrameCount} to {current time, time scale, duration, count (every frame of track "Video track")} end tell set INPoin to currentTime [/Applescript] How to put the various results: currentTime timescale theDuration FrameCount in different fields in field
  6. posso inserire un value sempre diverso per la tua frase "§§§" metter un testo che cambia nella fine del record in quello field, Il loop andrà nel secondo record e cercherà da un field lo stesso de primo o con If-else-en if in altro? Scusami Daniele Bruttissimo Italiano ma sono Chinese
  7. Well ... the purpose is as follows I have several db connected together through the relationship. This because all files are converted emails from my students. I have several classes and several students take more than one class. I have a many db where I have all students enlisted in my classes, then I have other db with general questions, homework, pictures work and simple questions or other trivia. the logical point would be to ask them to always put their students code, whatever they send me. Using the subject in the letters, or the email address they send it to, or thei
  8. Hi I want to find how many times a word appears in long text fields. Is there a way to create a script which will also return the result to a HOWMAY number field? I think I should create values, but as I want to do a loop the values should change in each turn of the loop copying the actual value from a field. I tried but I am not really able to do so as I can't make it work Thanks a lot
  9. Hi, I am trying to export several images from several databases into a folder in a different Backup disk. I tried several scripts I found but none seems to work. Example: Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Set Variable [ $filePath; Value:"filemac:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "/ExportedFolder/" & Table::SerialID & ".jpg" ] Export Field Contents [ Table::ImageField; “$filePath” ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop My problems: Unfortunately the various images are jpg. bmp. and so on so I need filemaker to recog
  10. Hi, I have a database where I imported a list containing various several files from different applications I use. I am tring to create a script which will allow me to open one of these file with its corresponding application. However I am unable to do so from FMP I think I need to create an applescript where using the parameters I have in different fields of the db will tell the finder to open the file I choose. I have the file name in my first field and the complete path in another, so I think in my script I need to tell applescript to open something like /Volume/Pathfiled/Filename
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