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  1. This works!! Thanks so much. I tried pasting the script you posted into a new script in your example file and it's still giving me the same errors. So, I don't think it's the JARs not loading. I also ran into a couple of other small errors: 1) The script "Google Calendar Example; gets all events without query parameter" returns this error: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.getPlainText() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] 2) "Add contact to Google Contacts Tested" didn't seem to add the custom "favorite flowe
  2. Thank you!! This looks like exactly what I need. I just tried running it in Scripmaster and got this error: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: Script1.groovy: 48: unexpected token: return @ line 48, column 1. return contactList; ^ 1 error Any thoughts? Best, Lev
  3. Bump I feel silly doing csv imports and scripting functions to correct them when my phone can sync with my google accounts automatically. Lev
  4. Hi, I have a layout with a portal, and in IWP I can't click inside it. No field can be entered, either new or existing, and even the Delete Portal Row button doesn't work. If I add a "Go To Field" step to my Add Portal Row script, that one field is entered and editable, but still nothing else can be clicked. Elsewhere in my database, portals work fine with IWP. I've attached a picture of a row from the portal. I understand this might be a layout problem, but I don't know what the issue can be. Thanks for any advice, Lev
  5. Thanks for the advice. One thing I never got about Lookups (which is why I avoid them) - they only update the child field when the join field is updated, right? So in this case, if I make a lookup field in Deadlines for Festivals::ForUs, the lookup would only update if I add/delete/change the ID key of Festivals, but not if I just change Festivals::ForUs. Can this be fixed with relationships? Or do I need to use a script trigger to update the lookup in Deadlines?
  6. The ForUs setting would change very rarely, but if it did, Yes I'd need it to change on the already entered related deadlines. L
  7. Hi, I've been hitting the wall with this problem for a couple days. I keep getting close, but can't seem to solve it. I have a table for film festivals (FESTIVALS) joined to a table for deadlines (DEADLINES) by a festival ID Key. My goal is to set up separate portals showing me what festivals have deadlines today, in the next week, and in the next month, with info from both DEADLINES and FESTIVALS tables in the portals. So far no problem. I added globals to the deadlines with dates, then made TOs and joined them to the Deadlines table. So there's DeadlinesLastWk, DeadlinesToday
  8. Hi James, Thanks for the response! Can you elaborate about joining using text? A little user interaction is preferable to rigging up a PC just for this function. Yours, Lev
  9. Hi, I want to synchronize my Filemaker 10 contacts with my Quickbooks Online customer information. I've looked into Fmbooksconnector and Qodbc, and both require PCs, (which isn't an impossibility but would require my buying Filemaker for PC, correct?) I know there might not be a perfect solution but can anyone advise me on the best course of action? XML? ODBC? Building a MySQL intermediate? Some elaborate AppleScript or Filemaker script? Thanks, L Kudos!
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