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  1. Thanks for your suggestion Steve. I made my acquaintance with those Mapping and Geolocation functions last week while I was searching the internet in hop to find a solution to my problem. No doubt, they are excellent, but are not what I need. The ideal solution for me (and hop) is, someone to have a look at my uploaded file (DEMO_LocalitiesGoogleMap.fmp12), figure out why the Gmap is not displayed when the Lat./Lgn. lines are crossing each other over sea, and make it work, possibly by modifeing the html text, or something else. It's of paramount importance for me the fuction to basicaly
  2. Thank you Steve! What I want exactly is the same kind of map as shown in the Demo. (a map that by use the of mouse, can be zoomed in and out, and be moved to all directions)
  3. Steve, Yes, this is a very small sample to demonstrate my issue. The html and the zoom are in a separate table "Global_Settings" for a reason (I have quit few other global settings (not included in the Demo I uploaded) and it is convenient to have them all in one table.. My database contains a lot of records, many with full physical address with lat/long, others only Country and state, and many lat/long records pointing at a specific locality over a given sea, i.e. Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, Mediterranean sea and etc. The latter is my issue, Google Maps won't display them. I don't
  4. Hello, I am running FM12 Advanced (Windows), and I have a small issue regarding geocoding with Google Maps (simple marker). My FM-database contenins many different location records, and a fuction to call the layout with the Web-viewer and geocode/mark the location on Google Maps. The problem is that although there are coordinates (Lat / Lgn), GoogleMaps does not display the map when the coordinates (Lat / Lgn) are crossed somewhere over sea area, for example, the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean sea, and so forth. The problem is best illustrated on the attached demo DB (DEMO_LocalitiesGo
  5. Dear LaRetta, Thank you, that is exactly what I needed. The RegNumber is a primary key that binds relationships to others tables and fuktions. A “global” disaster can happen if I am not careful. I will test and retest the Duploop script in a copy Database before I make any final dicition. I may or may not use the loop, but it gets me moving. Thank you again Is only to be used (as you correctly mention) on an unsorted set, on the last entered/existing number and only the admin can use the loop. If it works as I imagine, it will be a very helpful fuktions, sometimes we have t
  6. I suppose You're right, Full control is an exaggeration. Thank you for your concern, advice and warning. I appreciated Of various reasons The “RegNumber” cannot be changed to Auto-generate serials. The “multidublication” function is only to be used (if needed) in combination with a new record creation. The numbers I am using are unique. No one is in possession of the same RegNumbers, Therefore, it is very unlikely that too persons to punch in the same number at the same time, but yes, it can happen by accident or bad luck. What will be the consequences if it happens? Do you
  7. The RegNumber is NOT auto-enter serial. It is a series of numbers of my making, regarding the uniqueness of those numbers I have full control over.
  8. Hi, I have a FM database with one table with 28 columns. The first field is named: “RegNumber” which requires a unique value, in my case, something like: nsza001001 I create a new record, let’s say, RegNumber: nsza001001, the remaining fields are filled with other values. Now, I would like to duplicate the above new record an X amount of times, 5, 10, 15, whatever. What I need is this: 1) A field where I can type the amount of duplicates I would like to make. 2) A script I can trigger, that can duplicate the new record the amount of times I need, at the same time incremen
  9. Dear James and LaRetta, Fantastic! I didn’t expect an answer so quickly. Thank you very much. I also prefer your suggestion LaRetta, it is very simple (like Columbus egg) and easy to understand. Thanks I thousand times. :smile2:
  10. Hi, I have a FM database with one table with 28 columns. 4 of those are for Location Information. That is: Country Region District Municipality What I need is this: When from the field “Country” a particular country is selected, for instance Italy, I would like the field “Region” to show only Region names from Italy, and when I select a Region name, the field “District” only to display District names from the selected Region only. The same for Municipality. How I am to accomplice this? (For the time been I have assigned to every field a Value list names, f.eks. fi
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