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  1. I need for FileMaker, I don't know if this can put in scriptmaster. I thing scriptmaster use groovy, not java, but similar. I don't know how to do it. Thanks anyway.
  2. I know it. But customer wants like that. I cannot change his mind. That's why it's not easy to find DES encrypt.
  3. because my customer need it DES encrypt.
  4. Hello, I am trying to use encryptDES in scriptmaster plugin, but I need to do it all (password, text and result) in hexadecimal. Is it possible ?? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am trying encryptDES function, but I need the result in hexadecimal. Is it possible ? Thanks.
  6. Hello Bailey, When I use your groovy to ZIP i have this error: ERROR No such property: zipOutN for class: Script1 And I get the zip file with 0 bytes. Any idea ? Thanks.
  7. I am obtaining a disaster zip with a lot of directories and nosense. If i put this code: relPath = file.absolutePath.substring(topDirLength).replace('\\', '/') There is an error in the java. And if I put with only one '\' i get a bad zip.... Can anybody helps me ? Thanks.
  8. I don't like the future rules in FileMaker....... FileMaker has forgotten its own origin: small developers. Now with version 15 we cannot offer FileMaker hosting ! :-(

  9. Can anybody explain me how can we register this function into filemaker with scriptmaster plugin ?? I did like this but it doesn't run: RegisterGroovy( "ZipDir( fm_dirIn ; fm_fileOut )" ; "import java.io.File¶ ¶ import java.io.FileInputStream¶ ¶ import java.io.FileOutputStream¶ ¶ import java.util.zip.ZipEntry¶ ¶ import java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream¶ ¶ try {¶ ¶ topDir = new File(fm_dirIn)¶ ¶ zipOut = new ZipOutputStream ( new FileOutputStream(fm_fileOut) );¶ ¶ topDirLength = topDir.absolutePath.length()¶ ¶ topDir.eachFileRecurse{ file ->
  10. Last version of Windows 10 has a lot of problems with Scriptmaster 4.42 In my case I tested FileMaker 14 32bit and 64 bit, Pro and Developer. Four versions crashes. I put Scriptmaster 4.32 and it runs ok again. I hope 360works have a new version soon
  11. The problem is this: There are problems sending from a MAC, when u use accents (à è ì ó ú ,etc...) on the subject....... And also on the message html text, they show as �
  12. I have installed scriptmaster plugin on a FileMaker Server 13, on a MacMini. All ok. I did some tests and it seems all ok BUT: When i try "perform onserver" to send an email with authentication, it return "1" ( then ok), but the mail has never received. Any idea Thanks.
  13. I tried to use Sending Mail with Auntethication using scriptmaster, but through a MANDRIL server smtp............ Cannot do it because Mandril use another port 587 ( i think ), different from 25 port. Any idea to fix that ? thanks a lot.
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