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  1. fed

    Charting Error

    Hmm. Any idea what to do about this?
  2. fed

    Charting Error

    I am wondering why this database won't chart all the data point (after May 29, 2015). It is an error I found in a much larger database, but I have isolated the issue here. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Fed Charting Error.fmp12
  3. I just upgraded to FMP16 from FMP13. My applescripts no longer work. I get an error of -10004, for which I cannot find an explanation. Any idea what I must change to make Applescripts work in FMP16?
  4. fed

    Indents for Bullets

    I am looking to format some text, and indentations are required. Any ideas?
  5. fed

    Indents for Bullets

    Nice to see that each paragraph can have a different indentation. Can this be changed using scripts?
  6. I was wondering if it were possible to have indents in a text field. I would like to have a bullet followed by a paragraph that is indented for all it's lines. If there is a further (more indented) bullet, the whole text should be further indented. I know FM is not a word processor, but I am wondering if this is available anyhow. Thank you in advance, Fed
  7. Because I need them in the exported file. Is there a way around this?
  8. Thanks for your response. Sorry I did't get back to this sooner, I was quite busy with another more pressing issue. I am doing this by script. In fact, I get many more records than I have. I would like to export 93 of 985 records. But when I export, I get 19807 records. Maybe it is because I am exporting information from various tables. Looks like I am getting all the related records, not just the last one, as I have in the table in question. Any idea how to solve this issue?
  9. Thanks what I thought, but it does not happen. All the records are exported.
  10. I would like to export a subset of records from a table for use in a FMGo database. When I use the export script step, all the records are exported. Is there a way to only export the found set of records? Is there another way to export a subset of the records from a table? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm not whining. I was just stating that I was giving up on. FMP solution, rather than just abandoning the thread without notice. I figured that was the right way to proceed. Sorry if that did not come through. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try applescripts and check out Base Elements.
  12. I'll just copy and paste. I've been doing that for 4 years now. But the number of files have been increasing and I'm up to 20 now. It takes a bit of effort and concentration to get it right. Thanks anyhow.
  13. Its complicated. Has to do with billing verification and logs. Can it be done?
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