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  1. If you didn't understand my question then i can explain it to you but if you understand the question and don't know the solution then never try to post this type of comment. It show that why you did the FM 9, 10 and 11 certification its totally worthless. The scenario is : I open my application in my system and share this through FileMaker Network, at the same time when other user open this application remotely and adds a record, after that a voice message should come from my system that "one record is added". Is it possible ? Is there any way to do this ? If you know then please suggest.
  2. Hi All, I want to execute a script in a database which is uploaded in server from client system. Is it possible to execute a script from client system. The actual scenario is, i want to add a record from my client machine. When i add record a voice should be come from the server or from the system where the file is hosted that " one record is added". Thanks
  3. anand

    Matrix Report

    Hi, Is it possible to create matrix report in FileMaker? The Scenario is that, i want to make a guesthouse application in which i want in left column it show the room number and room name and then it show the number of room booking. I am attaching here an image to make understand. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Can we attach a container data of FileMaker through script and send it through mail. The scenario is, i want to send an image (which is store in a container field in my filemaker application) through my mail client. Is it possible? Please tell me. Thanks in advance.
  5. Can we resize the image size in FileMaker application through script?
  6. I want to run my File Maker application on android. As we run our File Maker application on iphone & ipad through FM Go, is it possible to run the File Maker application on android?
  7. This problem only occurs when you not using web enable script so first try to convert your script in web enable format after then develop the site it will work very effectively.
  8. how can i remove tools menu using custom menu in filemaker pro 10 advance?
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