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  1. How can I implement FIFO concept in a portal? Suppose I want to sell 200 shares of New Company.Then first 100 shares substract fron first row 50 from second 20 from third and 30 from fourth row and change the current holding position.Again i Want to sell 50 shares then substract 30 share fron fourth row and 20 from fifth row . How Can I do this? I have uploaded my file. Thanks. StockExchange.zip
  2. Ok I have solved that problem. Thanks.
  3. I have generate the xslt for the above xml file as below but application hangs every time. What is reason behind this and how to solve it? what changes i have to do?
  4. I have a xml file and want to import data in filemaker application, but when i using import data through xml each and every time it hangs the fm application. this is my xml file and fm app fields are same as customers elements. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> rajan kumar rsgss 09693741616 rajan.kumar@rsg.co.in FM developer developer!
  5. The functional part that I would like is, while the email is open, to be able to run a VB script that can be executed through Outlook using a macro ( e.g. Alt F8 to execute an outlook Macro ), this macro would execute the VB script. The VB script would execute on the open current message and grab the contents of the message ( From, To, CC, date, time, subject, header, body, footer). Once the message info is captured, go to Filemaker, go to the layout with the log and paste the contents in the email log. One additional requirement is needed, the incoming message subject line will have a
  6. I have a file maker application for windows and having fields of emails like message From,message TO,CC,Subject,message Body and out look is configured in my windows machine. I want as i select a mail in outlook in-box all related data store in respected fields of the same message using vb script.Can I do this and how? Please reply me with example in attach file.
  7. thanks bcooney, it works much better.
  8. I don't want to show data in email body. I want to attach record as a pdf file in email
  9. how can i attach a pdf file in mail through script?
  10. can I use flash file in filemaker application?If yes then how?
  11. I have 6 records in a portal and i want to display portal record in new window as selected but it shows only the first portal row record.
  12. I am developing a site of Guest house management system using filemaker but some time script run and some time it's not working while it work correctly on filemaker application. What is the reason for this type of problem? Currently i am using trial version of Filemaker server.
  13. i have a field computer serial number in my filemaker application,and i want as i open the application the serial number of my computer will automatically show on that field. How can i do this? please explain with example.
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