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  1. You're a champ mate! Changing the theme opens up the other options. I suppose that means I'm finally going to have to get around to creating a custom theme. Thanks heaps. That was doing my head in!
  2. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas why this would be happening. I've been working on a database that was originally created in FM 11 but has been converted to work with FM 14. I went to format a checkbox set the other day, and I don't have any of the additional options that are standard for FM 14 (see screenshots). I ended up creating the style I wanted in a FM14 database then copying it to the converted one. A bit of a bugger and a little time consuming. I'm assuming it's due to the conversion since I can't think of anything else. It's been converted for a while (near
  3. I have the same problem and Scriptmaster is the only plugin that this is bringing the message up. The real problem I'm having, and have had always with Java 6, is that it brings up a "exec" icon on my dock that is "not responding" and means I can't shut down the computer without force quitting it first. Force quitting under normal circumstances just pops it back on the dock straight away. So for all this time I've removed Java 6 but I believe Java 7 isn't compatible with Yosemite and Scriptmaster doesn't seem to like Java 8 (since the message appears even with Java 8 installed). I've t
  4. ckai

    Slow Portal Update

    A few of the portals have sorts and filters on the display side. A few have sorts through the relationship. I just noticed one portal is sorted through the relationship and the portal itself. I think I was a bit eager getting it how I wanted! One portal has a fairly decent calculation for a filter. It's used to display notes for clients. It no client selected it shows all clients notes, if a client gets selected it shows just those notes. You use the side navigation to select the staff member, that shows shifts worked for the staff member. You can then select a client to show notes for th
  5. ckai

    Slow Portal Update

    Â No unstored calcs based off it. But you make a good point that overlooked with regarding Filemaker having to recalculate them. I do use a lot of unstored calcs in other tables and it's something I'll keep in mind for the future. It would have certainly explained the slowness if it was the case. All it is, is a simple global staff ID, which is linked to the staff ID for 2 other tables. Â The relationship, at least to me, isn't complicated at all. I do have 2 tables based off the one global field but it's certainly nothing I haven't done already. My navigation list of staff members is bas
  6. I'm just wanting to know if anyone has some suggestions as to way one particular layout would be updating slower than the others that are designed in a similar way. The layout is pretty much only portals. 4 of them in fact. One is a navigation bar down the side (staff members), the other 3 display the relevant data from the selected staff member. Only 1 of these portals is used to enter new records. The layout is based on my global table. Selecting a staff member updates, via script, the global staff id which the other portals are linked to by relationship (and other criteria). The
  7. Maybe I was a little to hasty. The problem I have now is I can't get the total hours calculation in the staff table to incorporate two date fields - Cancelled and Transferred. Both of these fields need to be empty to be included in the wages but I can't seem to work out how to allow for empty values to be included in a relationship. I tried creating a calculation that converted the empty values to 1 then including this in a relationship by using a constant one global field but that didn't work. The total hours calculation returns nothing. I thinking I'm over thinking EDIT AGAIN:
  8. It gave me a headache as well! Thanks heaps for the example. I'm still digging around with it trying to figure out how it works, looking closly at the "Staff for filterered shifts" portal. That's exactly what I'm looking for my staff list but need it based on the "all shifts" portal as opposed to the "shifts filtered for client portal". So I'm digging around to see how you achieved it. Regarding the date filtering, yip got that all ready to go just waiting for my brain to work... any day now haha. I was going to do the date filtering from a portal filter but I realised that was stupid
  9. Thanks, although I've been looking at this and trying to work out exactly what you mean. You're meaning the relationship would look like this: staff --> shifts --> client_SHIFTS ? My idea for the relationships was this: globals --> staff_SHIFTS (shift table with predicate is gStaffID = _kstaffID) - takes care of the staff shifts --> client_SHIFTS (shift table with predicate is gClientID = _kclientID) - takes care of the client shifts plus, of course whatever relationships to get the staff list showing. The entire layout would be based on the
  10. Well that title wouldn't help much! haha I'll try and explain this with exactly what I'm aiming to do. I'm trying to create a layout for when I do our wages. The plan is to have 3 portals: 1. staff_LIST: a list of all the staff members that have completed work for clients within the wage period 2. staff_SHIFTS: a list of all the work (shifts) the selected staff member (from staff_LIST) has done within the wage period 3. client_SHIFTS: a list of all the work done for the client within the period which is selected from the staff_SHIFTS portal. All these portals would be based
  11. Wow, that's KISS at it's best! It actually took me a bit to get my head around it since clearly I was over thinking things. To be honest, I feel like a bit of a muppet after seeing this now. I use a similar technique to create our staff wage export file but didn't think of using a calculation to do the sorting (dunno why not). I've worked out an interesting calculation that takes all my criteria into consideration and with a little bit more tinkering will be perfect. How many times do you shack your head when people over complicate things? haha Thanks again.
  12. Exactly, this was one of the reasons why I was trying to think of another example. Basically, this is only one part of all the records to be exported and are the only ones that need grouping. The other records can be exported as they are without grouping. Funder clients get grouped Facility clients don't Hence my logic behind a temp table so the records, grouped and not, get exported in one hit, in the same single file. This single export file contains both Funder and Facility clients. My examples only based on Funder clients since that's where I'm having the issue. Never mind
  13. I've been trying an idea for the past 2 days hence my lack of response. For some reason I can't edit the original post, and unfortunately I can't really make the example any easier to understand (tried to - I think I'm stuck in my ideas thought ). But hopefully to make things easier I thought I'd really simplify things: So this is the data that needs to be worked with: Client Staff Hours Total Date Client 1 Jones 2 hours $20 1/7/12 Client 1 Jones 3 hours $30 2/7/12 Client 1 Jones 1 hours $10 7/7/12 I want is to look
  14. I thought of doing the grouping at export but I don't want every record grouped, only the clients that require them. This is the same reason for not grouping the filemaker created xml file using a XSLT, I only want selecte clients grouping. Sorry, when I was trying to remember everything I thought would be needed I forgot to put some headings. I've edited my original post to include them. Poor choice of names actually as I should have kept continuity and used staff 1 etc instead of names. I also see it displays a bit jumbled up unfortunately. Hopefully it's still understandab
  15. I thought of several ways I could do this but always come up with snags. I couldn't even think of an accurate title that explains exactly what I'm after (maybe why I haven't been able to find anything through searching). Hopefully those higher up on the food chain can give me some direction In short, I'm looking to combine or group certain records that get exported to our invoicing software. We do this in the invoicing software manually but thought I'd attempt to cut out the middle man. What happens for this invoice export is I loop through records, storing the relavant data in vari
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