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  1. Working on a Go app for a customer, and building in a photo feature. Client would like the ability to select multiple photos in the Camera Roll and import them as one step - something like importing a folder of images in desktop FMPro. From what I've seen so far, it doesn't look possible - Import script step doesn't work for picture/movie files on iOS, and Insert From Device (Photo Library) only allows selecting one photo. Is anyone else aware of a way of making this work?
  2. I've been having a problem with FMS 12 backup schedules for the last few days, and it's giving an error code - 20411 - that I haven't been able to find documentation on. I currently have Hourly, Daily, and Weekly schedules running; Hourly to an internal drive, Daily and Weekly to an external USB drive. The problem is occurring with all three backup schedules, so I'm inclined to think it's not a problem with either a specific schedule, or with the backup destination. The database is hosted on a RAID 1 mirrored drive, and one of the drives recently failed; however, that doesn't seem to have
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. What happens if the folder already exists? And can you check to see if the folder exists? I can do something similar on the Mac side with Applescript (including checking for the folder), so if this works for Windows, that may be the answer. Thanks again!
  4. OK... trying to figure if I've lost my mind, if the behavior's changed, or if there's some subtlety I'm missing here. Last time I played around with Export Field Contents was back around 2008. If I remember right, when you built your own file path for an Export script step and one of the folders in the file path was missing, Filemaker would throw an error 100 (File not Found) on the export. I ran into this last with Export Records about a year and a half ago in FM11. Right now, I'm building an image export script for a client; he wants to save the images to a predefined folder on the d
  5. You don't even need to use the screen width; get(ApplicationVersion) returns either "Go " or "Go_iPad ", depending on whether it's running on the iPhone or iPad. So you could use: Case( Abs(Get(SystemPlatform)) = 2 ; "Windows" ; Abs(Get(SystemPlatform)) = 1 ; "Mac" ; Left(Get(ApplicationVersion);3)="Go " ; "FMGO - iPhone" ; Left(Get(ApplicationVersion);7)="Go_iPad" ; "FMGO - iPad" )
  6. Thanks for taking care of this, Jesse. I'll be sending a message with the information shortly.
  7. I just heard back from the email administrator; the metro government's email servers are firewalled, so you wouldn't be able to connect to them from outside the network in any case. He did say that it's Exchange 2003 with the default settings, then turning on IMAP with the default settings; you should be able to duplicate it by doing a fresh Exchange 2003 installation and starting the IMAP service with the default settings.
  8. Although it looks like simple authentication from the email client side, on the Exchange server side it appears to be using NTLM to at least some extent, behind the scenes; that's also what's implied in the Sun forums thread I mentioned earlier at http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5422438. The mail server administrator also said that he could not turn off the NTLM and offer plaintext username/password, because it would disrupt current IMAP users. I'll check with my supervisor and see if I can get permission to send along login information to test. (There's some organizati
  9. Not sure what you mean by "It sounds like you are able to use simple authentication right now." If I try connecting to the city government IMAP sever with SSL off, the plugin errors out, and the EmailLastError function returns the "Can't load NTLM authenticator" error message I started the thread with. The settings in the email programs I've tested with are unchanged from what I'm using with the plugin; same server, same username, same password, default IMAP port, SSL turned off. In Entourage, I have no additional settings for authentication; in Apple Mail, I have authentication set to "P
  10. That's not going to work either; as a policy matter, the product requisition emails can't be forwarded to a server outside the district/metro government. So basically, there's no chance that the plugin will be updated to work with NTLM? If that's the case, it's essentially useless to us; would it be possible to get a refund? Thanks.
  11. Unfortunately, the city email administrator cannot turn off NTLM authentication, or turn on SSL authentication, because either one would disrupt all the other IMAP users. So we're pretty much stuck. Is there anything else that can be done with this?
  12. I talked briefly to the admin and he said that yes, NTLM is standard on their Exchange server, and he wasn't sure if he could get SSL turned on. He's going to call back once he gets back in the office, and discuss possible options.
  13. Trying to get the Email plugin to work with a city government-supplied IMAP account, which I believe is run off an Exchange server. I can connect to the server with SSL off, using Outlook on the PC, and Apple Mail or Entourage 2008 on the Mac. When I try to connect with the plugin, using the same IMAP server/username/password, the plugin fails with a "Can't load NTLM authenticator" error message. Authentication in Apple Mail is set to plain Password, not MD5, Kerberos or NTLM; in Entourage, "Always use secure password" is turned off, though I haven't been able to find exactly what that m
  14. Ah, excellent; thanks. Is there a list anywhere that documents what JARs are needed for which modules? I didn't see it listed either in the module notes or the JAR notes. Also, do the download URLs listed for the JARs on the Edit Jar layout still work? When I try opening both of the Prosc web service JARs through the URLs, they don't appear to work (SMLoadJar doesn't report an error, but the FedEx module errors on registration), but they do work if I store the JARs in container fields.
  15. ScriptMaster 3.3.4. I'm getting the following error when I try to register the FedEx Rates module from within my solution: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed, Script1.groovy: 3: unable to resolve class com.prosc.ws.execution.Invoker @ line 3, column 2.Script1.groovy: 94: unable to resolve class com.prosc.ws.execution.Invoker @ line 94, column 2.Script1.groovy: 95: unable to resolve class com.prosc.ws.execution.Invoker @ line 95, column 42.Script1.groovy: 95: unable to resolve class com.prosc.ws.execution.Invoker @ line 95, column
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