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  1. So I figured it out. The code I wrote in C# needed a very slight modification. I was entering in a new line after the pilcrow. So instead of looking like this Set Variable[$directories; Value:"filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/W10/CPAS, US, W10, TMA 377, SEC 001, TMA, Teacher1.csv¶ filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/W10/CPAS, US, W10, SCED 476, SEC 015, TMA, Teacher3.csv¶ filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/W10/CPAS, MT, W10, SCED 476, SEC 015, TMA, Teacher4.csv¶ filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/F09/CPAS, US, F09, TMA 377C, SEC 001, TMA, Teacher5.csv¶ filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/F09/CPAS, US, F09, TMA 37
  2. Thanks for the reply. As far as I know the paths are valid. The commas are only part of the file name. ex: CPAS, US, W10, TMA 377, SEC 001, TMA, Teacher1.csv is the name of the file in the directory filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/W10 Since FileMaker does not have Arrays I set up a variable as you can see below, that had the pilcrow as a delimiter, which is the default for FM. I guess one thing I might not have been clear on is that these are not .txt files, they are .csv. I was making this script go to each .csv file and import it. Below you can find the script. I very m
  3. Hey all, I have many, 200+, csv files that are updated very often. I am wanting to be able to auto import all of these csv files into a table in filemaker. So I wrote some code in C# to extract all my file names as follows filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/F09/CPAS, US, F09, TMA 377B, SEC 001, TMA, Teacher1.csv¶ filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/F09/CPAS, US, F09, SCED 476, SEC 030, TMA, Teacher2.csv¶ filewin:/C:/Direc/TMA/CPAS/F09/CPAS, MT, F09, SCED 476, SEC 030, TMA, Teacher3.csv¶ I then have put these into an array inside filemaker, all 200+ file directories. I then set a variabl
  4. So I'm trying to do an automated save as pdf in my database. What I want to do is make it possible for someone to save a file by just pasting their path from a Windows Explorer address bar into a custom dialog box in FileMaker. The only problem I am running into is converting the "" over to a "/". For instance if I want to save the pdf in the path C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktop then I need to tell filemaker to find and replace all the 's with a /. And my final save path will look like this filewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop/. The problem I am
  5. This definitely will work. It will be a slow process because IWP changes how text is displayed, and because of the amount of radio button sets I will need to set up. If there are no other solutions this is what I will do.
  6. I've set them up as Custom Value Lists...
  7. Hey guys, I have a value list assigned to a radio button field, but the values or text I have displayed in it is lengthy. A user would have to use the scrollbar to scroll across the page in order to read the entire text, that is if I extended the field the full length of the text. In Filemaker I noticed it will not wrap my fields to the next line if my field is too small, however, with IWP my text does wrap to the next line just as I would want it to. My database will be used through both IWP and the FM Program. I have both Asian and Roman Line Breaking selected under File/Fil
  8. So I created a simple solution with your help and researching the topic a bit more. Set Variable [$layoutID: GetNthRecord ( Form Assignment: LayoutID; get ( PortalRowNumber ) )] Go to Related Record[From Table: "Forms"; Using layout:$layoutID] Thank you so much for your help, it really helped me understand the concepts better! Brandon
  9. Thanks for the reply. The concept I'm having problems understanding is how am I supposed to appropriately assign the scriptparameter to the formID? I'm guessing I would need to do this by a calculation associated with the get(PortalRowNumber) fx. But my problem here is that in the Forms Assignment table I have multiple classes assigned to an individual form. For example inside my Forms Assignment table I have three records. The three records assign form1 and form2 to class1 and form1 to class2. If I am using the get(PortalRowNumber) to reference the record number of the related
  10. So I'm trying to navigate between records to the appropriate layout. In my database I have different forms that students need to take and fill out. Which forms the students need to take is dependent on which classes they are in. So I have a Student table, a Enrollment table which relates which classes have which students and vice-versa, the Course table, and then the Forms Assignment table which only has two fields (course id and form name). The last table in my database is linked directly to the student and is the Forms table. This table contains all of the different forms a student can
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