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  1. Hey Comment, Thanks for the response. I am using Filemaker 11 now: how does 11 deal with this scenario differently?
  2. Hello, I want to create a portal that has a start date field and an end date field which will constrain the portal data. I'm not sure where to start. How does Filemaker handle dates; for example, is 1/1/2001 lesser or greater in value than 12/1/2009? When I enter a date range into the date fields, I want the portal to automatically update, so I imagine that I need to do this with my portal relationship. Can anyone give me some clues on how to start?
  3. Hey all, I've got a layout with a bunch of calc fields that get the sum of related records. For some reason that I cannot seem to identify, one particular set of fields: "Subcon1" thru "Subcon8" do NOT show a $0.00 amount if they are $0, but all the other sum calc fields on my layout do! I have compared these Subcon fields to all my other fields over and over and cannot figure out what is different! Can anyone tell me how to make these Subcon fields show $0.00 like the others? It has to be some setting that I am missing, right? Screen-capture:
  4. efen, first, let me say thank you for taking the time to not only respond, but throw together an example! really appreciate that. i'm trying it out now, and i think one of my problems was that i missed the GTRR step in my script. i did notice: when the script gets to the step "Go To Field [labour::date], it actually inserts the cursor in the date field in the first (top) portal row, not in the newly created duplicate row. any ideas on how to fix this? i'm guessing i need to write some sort of calculation that counts the portal rows at the beginning of the script everytime.... w
  5. I have 3 tables: SoldJobs, Labor, and Employees. These 3 tables are related: SoldJobs----------->(Allow/Delete)Labor<----------------Employees On the SoldJobs layout, I have a portal using the SoldJobs_Labor relationship. The portal fields are as follows: Date - EmployeeID - EmployeeName - HourlyRate - Hours - TotalLaborCost - CostedTo When the user enters data in this portal, most of the time there will be quite a few rows where only the date and hours data will change. I want to create a scripted button that does the following: Duplicate highl
  6. Lee, Sorry, but I dont think that that post was a duplicate of this one. That post was addressing a different issue entirely...
  7. Bruce, What is a type-ahead find? Can you elaborate on this? Or point me at an article/posting that does? Sounds like something I need to know about.
  8. Comment, I'm trying to understand what that custom function does and then apply it to the problem I have... could you elaborate on how you would implement this (CorrespondingValue)?
  9. I am attempting to create a rolodex-style layout for my Customer data. I've created a key field that explodes Customer::LastName into an array ie. LastName=Smith S Sm Smi Smit Smith On my Rolodex layout, I have a foreign key field where the user can type the customer's last name, and the related portal will show a list of customers: ie. If I type "Mc" in the foreign key field, the portal lists: John McCluskey Eric McDougal Mary McMasters Here's the rub. The portal does not update until I tab out of the foreign key field. What I want the portal to do is
  10. Comment: The job site phone number may change in the future, but the Proposal needs to reflect the job site number at the time it was created. I've been thinking about this and I think the problem is that I am trying to accomplish it in the wrong way. I think what I want to do is write a script that, upon creation of a proposal, will set the fields on the proposal with the data needed based on the address and contact records available. Thanks for the consideration.
  11. I want to create a calculation that will explode the contents of a field into an array, ie. field data = smith result = s sm smi smit smith any suggestions?
  12. Hey All, Anyone know how to implement a conditional lookup? Here's the problem: I have three tables: Customer, ContactLineItem, and Proposal. In ContactLineItem, there are two fields: ContactType and Number (ex. data: Job Site, 555-5555) In the Proposals layout, I want to create a lookup field that will look at the related records via customerID and copy from the ContactLineItem the telephone number if the type equals "Job Site". How do I do this?
  13. Hello all, Trying to figure out the calculation to do the following: In my database, I have a Customer table and a ContactLineItems table. I use the ContactLineItems table to store phone number and type (Ie. Home, 555-123-0001). Additionally, I have a IsMain field that uses a checkbox: the user can mark a phone number as "Main". What I am trying to do is write a calculation that prevents a user from marking more than one number as "Main".... Any ideas?
  14. BC, could you elaborate on this concept? I think I get what you are saying, but I'm not sure how to go about implementing it...
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