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  1. Hi, I represent a digital printing company and we are looking to use Web2Print technology on our website. we are avid filemaker users and we are in the means of creating with a programmer a project management database software. what we would like to create within this new program is some sort of form that our customers would fill in via a web browser on our website and the project submission would then be within our filemaker database automatically. so now we wouldn't have to type back in the form informations back in filemaker via an email that would be sent to the project managers once the customer fills up the project ticket. a job ticket would be created automatically and an email would be sent to the project manager saying that customer "X" asked for a quote on that particular job ticket. would this be possible with file maker 10 pro and filemaker server 10???
  2. we are in transition right now we will be upgrading to filemaker server and pro version 10 in a short while. i guess we'll stick with the old system until then. server 5.5 runs perfect on os x 10.4.11
  3. i've installed FMserver 5.5 on a G5 running OS X 10.5.8 Server. the installation went fine. i installed the 5.5v4 patch but an error occured and it couldnt complete the installation. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM Server and everytime thats what happens. but even though the installation of the patch fails FMSERVER opens up normally but when i start the server it stops after a few seconds/minutes by itself. afterwards when i try to start it again it says that another instance of FM SERVER is running on the network. but thats impossible! any one have a clue!
  4. i submitted reactor to our filemaker developper and am waiting to see how things work out. reactor calendar is exactly what i was looking for. i hope reactor works out! otherwise i found nothing else that fits what i am looking for.
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    solutions wanted HELP!! how to link FM and iCal

    hi, i work for a small digital printing company and we are looking for a way to incoroporate the use of a schedule like app that would let us manipulate job tickets in a calendar app like ical with filemaker pro 10. thought explained: 1. within filemaker pro 10 we would create a job ticket with all the needed information (name of print file, quantity, size, due date etc.) 2. within this job ticket we would estimate how much time it would take to complete the project (ex. 1 hour.) 3. then automatigically a 1hour reserved time slot would be taken in ical on the desired day. 4. our production manager would then move around the reserved time slots at will to complete the jobs for the due dates. IS THIS POSSIBLE TO ACCOMPLISH? if so, does anyone know of a file maker plugin or any other app that can do this? thanks a lot to whoever will find a solution.
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