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  1. ok for finding, I'm ready, but how can show the 3 records into the same layout? thx
  2. ok, but how can visualize the 3 record? by portal? or not? how? big thx!!
  3. yes list view is ok, orizzontal or vertical data? for me is the same.... thx
  4. yes, the relations is the best, but I think that a found set of 3 is more simple!! Is possible to select (by a checkbox) the 3 records? how can visualize them into the layout? thx
  5. i would like to compare visually different record (same table) into the same layout, example: computer1 computer2 computer3 Processor Name Intel Core Intel Core Intel Core i5-480M Processor Speed (MHz) 2130 2130 2660 Processor Cache Memory (KB) 3072 3072 3072 Front Side Bus (Mhz) 1066 1066 --- System Memory Standard RAM (MB) 4096 3072 4096 Upgradeable RAM (MB) 8192 8192 --- Hard Disk Drive Type Inbuilt Hard Disk Drive Capacity (GB) 500 320 500 Speed (RPM) --- ---
  6. I would like to import data and image for supplier catalog, and I need to scanned the supplier page. Is possible to preview and scan the page directly into FM? thx
  7. tanks, for semplicity, i have the rule that a recipe can be converted into a ingredient and so on. is possible to extract the single ingredient from the "master" recipe? regards recipe RCT00002: the composition is: ING 0019 (but this is the recipe RCT00003) ING 0128 ING 0038 the goal is to print the food label...hard goal for me. thx a lot for your help!!! newsricette_copy1.zip
  8. Problem: I would like to create/compile a table with Text data from other table.. firt table: recipeT Type Qty recipe1 food1 100 recipe1 food2 200 recipe1 food3 300 recipe1 food4 400 recipeT Type Qty recipe2 food1 100 recipe2 food2 200 in the new Table: firt table: Type Qty food1 100 food2 200 food3 300 food4 400 food1 100 ]-from second recipe food2 200 ] and after, aggregate te result food1 200 food2 400 food3 300 food4 400 How can do that?, I have the first table that work well
  9. I have a portal, and , if I change the data in the main table, in the portal the value of data have the old value, but if I reselect the data in the portal, iI have the new correct value. How can UPDATE the data in the portal automaticaly by a script? THX andy
  10. the final goal is to print two Label, one with only the component sorted, and the other with COMPONENT NAME1 (SUM weight), COMPONENT NAME2 (SUM weight), and so on...
  11. I have this tipology of Find.. the first show that ID 16 is composed by ID 17 and ID 28 and 12. But the ID 17 is composed by ID 18 and 12 and... But the IB 18 is composed by ID 12 and ID 10... OK, I would like to create the list (or label) with single weight assembled without repetition name.. how can do that? andy
  12. ok guys.. another some basic question for you... 1)is possible to show/hide the portal if the user select differet Tipology (Tipologia Gusto)? 2) I will that in the portal (see Layout Ingredienti_Base), the list of component have a nice ICON near the name, associated to the tipology (see table Tipologia). Ihave tried with container, but nothing appears... 3)Why in the portal "Composizione" (see Layout Ingredienti_Base) there are always one or two record void? (see id_ingrediente 10 or 16). 4) I realized that I must use the Relationships to obtain data filtering, but I have
  13. tanks!! is exatly what I need!!! ciao Andy
  14. Hello, is possible to show near a editbox a icon (ex up arrow) if the value is too higth and show another image i the value is too low (ex. down arrow)? help!!!
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