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  1. Filemaker should interact with PowerPoint via an Applescript, invoked on Button click. The script should select each record within Filemaker and perform a find-replace until all the records have been processed.
  2. The Filemaker file has two fields, one for 'find' and one for 'replace with'. I have a button which calls the script that should recognize that a powerpoint file is open and perform replacements within the entire file. I made one for replacing text within Word documents but it doesn't work the same because of the shapeName and shapeText variables.
  3. I have two fields in FileMaker, one with the find text and the other with the replace text, plus some formatting conditions (highlight, forward, format). Filemaker contains a database with the find-replace pairs. So, instead of performing find-replace within Powerpoint by hand, I run the replacements from Filemaker.
  4. Hi, Piecing bits from other posts I've cobbled something that looks promising: ------------ tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint" activate repeat with slideNumber from 1 to count of slides of active presentation tell slide slideNumber of active presentation repeat with shapeNumber from 1 to count of shapes set shapeText to content of text range of text frame of shape shapeNumber set selFind to get find object of selection clear formatting selFind set highlight to false set f
  5. Try ScribeDifferenceReport: https://static.360works.com/plugins/Scribe/documentation.html#ScribeDifferenceReport
  6. Hi, Comment: One PubMed ID (PMID) can contain, depending on the language, either: 1. One field: Summary 2. Five fields: Background (or an Introduction), Objective, Population and Methods, Results and Conclusions 3. Four fields: Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusions The field c_English_FullAbstract should combine options 1 or 2 or 3 with their corresponding contents. Currently, if the script finds content within Summary, it retrieves that and stops. I think what I'm missing is a parameter like this at the beginning of the script: Find all records that h
  7. Thank you, Comment: I discovered that the script skips empty results and retrieves the first field with contents and then stops. For example, if 'Background' is empty, it skips to the next category. If it finds an 'Objective', then it retrieves that and the script stops, so the remainder of the PubmedArticle is not retrieved. Thus, I'm not using Let/Case/If appropriately as I was expecting it to retrieve all categories within the PubmedArticles, while skipping the categories that are empty. I'm adding the FileMaker demo file in hopes you or someone in the FM Forum can give it a look
  8. I've tried to combine Pubmed Fields into one Calculation field: -------------------------- Let ( [ B = If ( PubMedArticles::Category = "Background" ; TextStyleAdd ( "Background: " ; Bold ) & PubMedArticles::Text & "¶" ; "" ) ; O = If ( PubMedArticles::Category = "Objective" ; TextStyleAdd ( "Objective: " ; Bold ) & PubMedArticles::Text & "¶" ; "" ) ; M = If ( PubMedArticles::Category = "Methods" ; TextStyleAdd ( "Methods: " ; Bold ) & PubMedArticles::Text & "¶" ; "" ) ; R = If ( PubMedArticles::Category = "Results" ; TextStyleAdd ( "Results
  9. Hi ggt667, Sorry, I forgot to add the link to the official E-Utilities provided: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK25497/ Best, Daniel
  10. Basically, I could create an interface to PubMed and search/retrieve/read in any language. There are many components within PubMed freely available in multiple languages. For example: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=J+Med+Internet+Res+2014%3B16(12)%3Ae271 Best, Daniel
  11. Indeed, that would be very cool!
  12. Thank you Comment, After your last post I decided to make a copy of the file and remove some things that weren't necessary for the demo and the problem went away. - Still scratching my head Update: I think one of the tables in the Portal was extending beyond the Portal layout
  13. At the time, I figured one XML from PubMed would only need one XSL to allow FileMaker to do its magic. I expect to use the tool I'm developing not only for importing PubMed XML but also for submitting XML from local Medical Journals, as the official tool is quite cumbersome to work with and has created lots of problems when dealing with abstracts in languages other than English. I read your post about the direct connection to PubMed and the resulting payload but it's way over my head. Sorry I cannot follow the idea.
  14. Yes, I went with a flat table and am using a Portal to separate the visibility of the abstracts according to language.
  15. As always Comment, you're absolutely right. I removed the IF and left just the name of the first field I want to filter: Table::Type1 = "ABL" and it worked nicely. Yet, the second part: Table::Type1 = "ABL" and ( Table::Type2 = "XA" or Table::Type2 = "YA" or Table::Type2 = "ZA" ) still retrieves blank records mixed with the expected records. Probably that's why I got muddied up with the If statement. Best, Daniel
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