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  1. Ahhh, got it. The relationship was set through a global field that shouldn't have been global. Now it works fine. Oh! so many time lost searching! And by the way I also found out on this site that you can also do so with a custom function: "CustomFunction(values)" that goes like this: Let([ l = values; v= GetValue(l; 1); newL = RightValues( l ; ValueCount( l ) - 1) ] ; Case( l = "" ;"" ; If( ValueCount(FilterValues(l; v)) > 1 ; "" ; v & "¶" ) & UniqueValues( newL ) ) ) Interesting...
  2. ....I Know I could put the Transports in a related table and it would work, but what happens when an invoice is duplicated, and from the duplicated value, some items that have TransportNo assigned are deleted? ...If I delete automatically related values, then does the firs invoice still have its TransportNo in the table? Worth a try...
  3. Seems basic, but I'm stuck with a simple issue here: To simplify the problem, suppose I have One table "Invoices" and related table "Items". The Items of an invoice can be shipped on more than one transport, so the latter has a textfield "transportNo" whose values are stored in a valuelist that uses values from the field, so that each time a "transportNo" is added in the job, it is available in the listbox for subsequent added items. Now, for some reasons, I'd rather not create a separate table for transports... but I need to know how many different transportNo have been inserted in th
  4. Hi, I had a filemaker application that used to scan a batch of csv files as imported data into tables that further analyses the data. Since the filenames change everytime, and since there are quite a few, I don't want to manually enter every filepath that needs to be imported. The application still works well, but to get the input (that is generated by another program, not filemaker), I had to first create a "list.bat" file that would generate a filepaths list in the other program's output directory, simply to create a list of the csv files that filemaker must analyse, among other file
  5. Hi, Is it possible to set two different axis on a graph? I have a table with a serie of dates, that are my X axis (timeline). Every record has a Quantity values, starting from, for example 50 000, and varying upon variation values Some records have variation values, ranging from -1000 to 1000 For examples, the table could have those values for date; quantity; variation: 2012-02-01 ; 50000 ; 0 2012-02-02 ; 50000 ; 100 2012-02-03 ; 50100 ; 0 2012-02-04 ; 50100 ; 0 2012-02-05 ; 50100 ; -500 2012-02-06 ; 49600 ; 0 ... and so on. I would like a graph that show
  6. desta

    horizontal portals

    Good point. Copy and Align should be more pleasant than change every option for every portal/field... wonder why I did not have this idea. Deleting and starting over instead of a modification to what is already done is often the best solution, but we are naturally reticent to Delete and start over... Thanks.
  7. I guess there is no answer to this, but it could be a good suggestion for filemaker team... Is there a way to make horizontal portals? I have to display a grid showing pre-scheduled sessions displaying time values. Three lines, one for today, one for the day before and one for the next day. Clicking on a timefield should bring up an appointments dialog. I actually made it working. there are three series of twelve horizontally aligned different portals. For each portal, I had to select a different starting row to display. But then I also had to duplicate the time fields for every
  8. Hello, I simply want to restrict the use of a script (button) to predefined user privileges. Is it possible? how? I'm not sure if this is already somewhere on the forum or instructions, but I haven't found it...
  9. I simply want to know if there is any way you can make a portal auto-resize in function of the number of displayed records shown within the same portal. It is a feature that would greatly improve layout designs in general. Also: I have seen a portal that resize automatically when the window is resized... I think it was in "starting point" free solution. How do I do this? I tried the "anchors" in the object info, with no results (it only resizes horizontally upon resize... why not vertically?) And finally: just like the way the topics are shown in this forum, there should be a way to
  10. [split the repeating fields into separate records] I didn't think of using repetitions... this might simplify records navigation a lot! thanks. I try it right away.
  11. Ok, this one seems simple yet my dumb mind continually gets stuck finding a way to script this, so any help would be great. I have a simple Filemaker database, with one table "predictions" containing 17520 records. There are only three fields: "date", "time" and "predicted value" If everything is ok, every record's "date" and "time" values are supposed to be all equally seperated when sorted, so that there is always one hour difference between them. No problem so far but, to integrate these predictions with another database, I would need the same kind of table, with the same thr
  12. Ok, this is basic. It'S starting from a layout displaying a selected event, from events table and that has a portal showing contacts you can assign to this event. As the contacts table is pretty big, I need a search field to filter them. I tried google-like search filter from: http://filemakerinspirations.com/2009/01/google-like-search-through-relationship-filtering/ but didn't like the way it works, as it will not find parts of words. For example, if I am searching for "Marc", the entries containing "Jean-Marc" will not show in the portal (Yet if you search for "Jean", it will work.
  13. ah, other links I missed there contained the answer for updating as I type, so now it IS almost perfect... Unlike the PatternCount function though, this way of defining calculations doesn't find the same records. For example, suppose there is a record named "Martin" whose phone number is "123-4567", it will be found if you type "Mart" in the search field, but not if you type "rtin". Neither will it find it if you search for "4567" but it will when you search for "123-". Kind of frustrating.
  14. Good enough. This works now! But I still can't understand why my way didn't... and the portal still doesn't update as I type the search criteria. Anyways, though not perfect, this solution works and it should do the thing. Thank you!
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