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  1. Solved: I had a script step go to original layout. This went to the blank (opening) layout when run on the server.🙄 I have a script that is not performing as expected when I run it as a server scheduled script. The script needs to run every 1st of the month; find and copies invoices that are marked as subscription and mail the new invoice to the customers. The script runs as expected in FM client. However, when I run it as a scheduled script it only copies the first invoice it finds and it gives a perform find error in the serverlog. Any ideas why this is happening? The collection of the invoiceUUID's in the first loop works properly, also when the script runs on the server. I also tried a global variable and a global field as storage for the invoiceUUID's, but that does not make a difference.
  2. dataclip

    supercontainer hashtag

    Thanks, thought that might be the problem. Will update with another character.
  3. I use supercontainer for a customer module. A customer can log on through a webdirect connection to view their info in our CRM system. Part of the solution is that they can view PDF documents, for example invoices. I use supercontainer to give them acces to these documents. Customers can only view their documents, so I use style=readonly on all documents. This works well, except when I have a document that has # in the name, for example ipadres\#drsstuk.pdf?style=readonly still shows the delete button in the webviewer. Is this a known bug or is the hashtag a character that is not allowed?
  4. Yes, choose button works for hub db selection. I sent you a report from the launch page. Thanks.
  5. During the installation of MirrorSync I can not select the spoke database if I select the option to use a separate mobile file. I get an error message thta MirrorSync can not get the database names (image mirrosync2). However database names are available when I select the hub database (image mirrosync1). When I select the option sync with an emtpy clone or complete copy of the main file I can continue the installtion process. Any idea why Mirrosync can not find db names for the spoke database?
  6. Or use a relation to check if the found set exists.
  7. I tried the installer on another server (Windows server 2012R2, with FMS 13). Same problem, installer does not finish. See image. Left it running for about 10 minutes then aborted. However, I am able to do the manual install. I need to gave the URL rewrite rule a name :-), then I can store it. So I will start testing now.
  8. I am trying to install supercontainer (2.93) on a Windows server 2012 R2. The Windows installer did not finish, so I tried a manual install with the instructions provided at docs.360works.com. When I try to save the URL rewrite rule I get an error "The data in the page is invalid". When I try to use the option to start SuperContainerServer.jar I get an error "Problem starting server". Any suggestions on what to do here. Thanks Joost Kingma
  9. I have a vertical market application that uses a php modale that gives mobile users access to their agenda (FM11). Currently I am rewriting this application from fp7 to fmp12. As part of this upgrade I want to offer mobile users an off-line module on iPads. Mainly because mobile users complain that they do not always have a good internet connection when on the road, so the performance is not always acceptable. I have implemented FM EAsySync in my application on a test server and on a small scale this looks good (Tim awesome job in setting up this framework). However, on this forum I noticed some comments about the processing time of synced records, so I am wondering if anyone has already succesfully implemented and rolled out this framework in an application. If so, I would like to hear about your experience in using this framework. The last thing I want is to offer an off-line module to my customers as an improvement over the current php module (and require my users to purchase iPads) and then find out that there are other performance problems. I am not asking you to comment on the performance in my application. I realise this can not be done without detailed information about the application itself. I am just curious to find out who has already implemented this framework and rolled out an application that uses this framework. Thanks, Joost Kingma
  10. I run into the same problem. I am upgrading an FM11 solution to FM13. Part of the FM11 solution is an iwp module for time registration. In this module I have a script for the user to log off which uses Exit application. This no longer works in Webdirect. I also found that I need to use Close Window to be able to exit Webdirect.
  11. dataclip

    tabs not visible

    Both are Windows machines. I use FMPA 13.0.4, customer FMP13.0.4. My computer has Windows 8, I will check what my customer has.
  12. Hi,  I have created an interface with a tab control panel. On my computer it looks like the DeveloperPC image. However, if my customers opens the file on his computer he sees the customerPC image. In other words he does not see the tabs on his screen. When he changes the zoom level to 150% the tabs appear. Any idea what can cause this behaviour??  Thanks,  Joost Kingma Â
  13. dataclip

    Barcode scanner

    Hi Reid, Why did you choose kdc200 and not for example kdc400. Apart from scanner price, I just wonder how you can work efficiently if you have to handle 2 devices, instead of 1 device. We are planning to use an ipod touch with fm13 go for inventory purposes. We are coming from FM11 environment whereby we used iwp and a windows based barcode scanner. Thanks,
  14. Solved the issue myself by first installing FMS and then Kerio Connect.
  15. Does anyone have experience with installing FM 11 server advanced on a Windows 2008 R2 standard server that also runs Kerio Connect. I am unable to get FM to conenct to IIS. I have changed to port for the default website in IIS to 8080, since Kerio is using port 80, but still no luck. I get an error message web server test failed. return code =-1. Thanks

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