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  1. Tried adding an ODBC source using both MySQL 8.0.22 and MariaDB 3.1.10 drivers in Unicode mode and I can connect just fine, however it's impossible to add a table onto the relationships graph. It sees the table's name but when I try to add it, I get This action cannot be performed because the required table is missing. error. It works fine with ANSI version of the MySQL driver, sans the ability to work with Unicode of course. I've tried multiple combinations, including making the database and the table strictly "latin", it still refuses to add the table. The test database itself is ver
  2. Same thing happened to me on just one machine and simply copying the certificates over didn't fix the problem as FileMaker repeatedly overwrote root.pem with its own incomplete copy. Broken root.pem only contains a single certificate which belongs to FileMaker. Working root.pem contains a lot more certificates belonging to certification authorities. certifiedroot.pem will be completely missing as well. The band-aid fix is a bit unwieldy but it works. save a copy of root.pem and certifiedroot.pem from a working installation or attached to this post to Downloads folder, then open a ter
  3. Thanks for the advice! I have a better understanding of where to go forward now.
  4. Hi Wim. At the moment I'm bottlenecked by pretty much everything as it's a very old machine. By upgrading I meant completely replacing the hardware. So I'm looking to futureproof it a bit, all other things (disks, RAM) are pretty straightforward and can be taken care of later, but you cannot swap a CPU easily. That's why I wondered if it made sense to go the cheaper route with AMD which probably only makes sense if the software can actually efficiently parallelize the tasks.
  5. Hi folks. I'm thinking of upgrading an FMS server, a physical machine that I own and administer, so I wanted some input on whether FM Server is going to benefit from more cores, as for example found in AMD's Ryzen CPUs or whether I should instead opt for less cores but with more performance per core (Intel). Does it utilize threads extensively when many clients are issuing requests, and if yes, has it been like that since, say, version 12 or is it just a recent development? And also, is this behavior similar in both macOS and Windows or are they different?
  6. Thanks for the tip, xochi. I found that without changing FMS's https port number it is impossible to access WebDirect from behind the router running NAT. Even if there's nothing else running on the machine hosting FMS, you can't specify port forwarding like port 5000 on external IP -> port 443 on internal FMS IP. They must be the same number otherwise there's going to be a blank page with a cross at the top left corner if accessed from the internet. And in my case those standard ports are already taken by a web server running on another machine.
  7. This is probably irrelevant to everybody at this point in time, however I did finally manage to isolate the circumstances under which the FileMaker Server version 10 on a Mac may stop responding, also essentially opening a doorway to a very simple-to-execute DOS attack on said server. Due to my internet provider misconfiguration or maybe a deliberate configuration change somewhere I started seeing a problem where if you don't interact with the server/database for 15 seconds the connection would go dead, without breaking via normal TCP mechanisms. It's just all subsequent attempts to send
  8. I'm probably being dumb here, but isn't it equally possible for an "attack" to also disrupt your external drives/shares? What sort of attack are you anticipating?
  9. I agree with that. There's no way you can have 130 users with 75 files running on a Mini. However, TJ originally mentioned "just 5 users" and I presume a single solution for which a decently-specced Mini is capable enough. And of course the logs are very useful however instead of going too deep in the numbers I like to perform daily tasks on the solutions that I host from time to time to see if the actual day-to-day user experience is sub-optimal. May not be the scientific approach but it's a good meter nonetheless. dsBenchmark is interesting, however I'm not sure how to interpret th
  10. All right. This, this, this and also this one and another one all have 4 cores. Take note that 4 cores is a recommended configuration that's supposedly going to be used for heavy load, lots of users and lots of hosted databases. If your goal is to serve 5-something users with a single solution then probably what they call "minimal" requirements would suffice. Minimal doesn't mean everything is going to be sluggish and crash every other 10 minutes, it's going to be perfectly fine with loads like those. Usually those recommendations work like that: nobody's going to officially recommend a minima
  11. Just want to point out that "Windows Server" is by no means "recommended". We have our opinions, but here's the real official recommendation: https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-15-specifications.html Make of it what you wish.
  12. Try using different ports, I used 8055 and 8056. Try telling FMS to use its own PHP when installing. And before reinstalling rename or remove the entire FileMaker Server folder (not forgetting to back up what's necessary). Really it just shouldn't misbehave that way. They use different httpd instances that use different ports so it may be a port conflict where you happen to hit a port used by the Server.app so its httpd wouldn't start after FMS's httpd had already started. What happens if you disable the FMS web sharing after the problem appears? Do your normal websites start working agai
  13. Are you talking about the websites hosted by the Server.app? I had no problems with that setup at all in FMS15. Use different ports and set up another website with a redirect.
  14. I can host a sample database file made by anyone on one of the Minis if anyone's wanting or willing to test the performance. I have the stats.log from all of the machines and I can post them here. Not sure if that is going to be helpful though.
  15. Not sure why you think SSDs won't make writing faster. They do make everything faster, a lot depends on what SSD model you choose. Some of them do indeed have a reading/writing speed difference, sometimes reading is up to two times faster, but you can find models that excel at writing. There also may be an issue with older SATA hardware in the computer that limits the maximum speed/bandwidth. As for the RAM, it's of course very important and the G4 could use some more but it's physically impossible. Some of my users will never upgrade to version 12+ and I don't see any good reason to buy
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