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  1. Hello, I am trying to get the average cost of a product within a Year period I have a Parent-Child ralationship, where the parent is Products and the child is Orders. The child table contains all the information about the date of purchase, the cost of the product when bought, and the a calculation of the YearPeriod. I am displaying all the product information on a layout of the Parent table and on a portal the relating data of the child table. Not sure how to calculate the average cost for every Year period. I have attached an example of the FileMaker database that explains and d
  2. Hi, After doing alot of research and testing I discovered that you can view a pdf in a web viewer, taking as the source a pdf stored in a container field. The way to do this is by exporting the pdf in the container field to a temporary location using the function Get(TemporaryPath), and then pointing the web viewer to that location. I have tested this by adding a file to a folder in my desktop and pointing the web viewer to this location and file. This works perfectly and you can view the pdf in the web viewer. The the problem that I am having is that I have not been able to exp
  3. Issues with Set Field script step with repeating fields. I have a repeating field in one file that may have one of more values per repetition in this one field. I am trying to pass this values from one field in one file to another in another file. The fields are both repetitive fields with the same number of repetitions (6). The original field is global which makes it possible for these values to be passed through the relationship between the two files. I have tried the following: - Using the Set Field script step and the calculation is pointing to the field containing the values
  4. Hello, Yes you can use a file made in FMP11 with FMP9 as they are the same file type. The only issue with this is that any new features introduced in FMP10 & FMP11 will not work, so I would suggest find out what has been introduced and avoid working with these for now. I would also suggest that you are very careful with your database and constantly backup, as you are running a non compatible operating system with FMP9 and this is likely to crash a lot, which makes it very very likely to corrupt the database. Hope it helps. Carlos Aviles
  5. Hi I still haven't been able to figure out how to do this. I have added the database. Thanks ExpensesCalcualtion Copy.fp7.zip
  6. Hello, I am creating a solution that keeps track of expenses and calculates the expenses for each month. I am having problems displaying the name of the selected choice from a value list on a portal. In the solution there are three tables, Expenses, ExpenseCalculation(Main Layout), and ExpenseLine. I have created a field that uses a value list that collects data from the tables expenses. This data is then stored as a record in ExpenseLine which is reflected on a portal in ExpenseCalculation Layout. I have been able to catch the value of each expense, but not the name of th
  7. Hello, The documentation that you are after is in the following link: documentation The FMS11 CD will have the Java version and Bonjour version that your computer needs to run for FileMaker to work correctly. If you have either of these two already installed I would suggest to uninstall them before installing FMS11, that way will have the correct drivers. As you are looking to get the PHP functionality working you will need to make sure that you have IIS installed on your OS. You can do this by going to Control Panel > Add Remove Software > Add Windows Components > II
  8. Great description, very constructive. Thank you both for the comments I have this clear now and have got it working. Regards Alberto
  9. Hello, I am just a little confused about the logic of the following and how the tables should be related for this to work. I have 3 tables (Purchase, Purchase Lines, and Delivery). The logic is the the following: "each Purchase can have many Purchase Lines and each Purchase Line can have many Deliveries". This is all being done on one layout of the (Purchase) table, which contains a portal that is displaying the data from the related tables. I have allowed the user to be able to add or delete data on the portal onto the other tables through the relationship. Issue: When tr
  10. Thank you mfero for your response. As I am sure all the fields are not going to be 100% matching due to the conversion I have created a script that at the point of import it shows you the dialog for me to manually match the fields, this may take a little longer but I will be sure that all the data is imported and it is correct.
  11. :( Hi I hope I can be very clear about our issue. We are converting our FileMaker 6 system onto FileMaker 11. We have converted and troubleshoot all the code and most scripts and functionality seem to be functioning correctly. We have 100+ databases, and we are in the importing data stage. We have decided that the most efficient way to avoid any data loss is to convert the files with all the data, do a consistency check and recovery to see if the is any corruption and then import these from the fp7 files to the already converted empty fp7 files. I believe that the best way to i
  12. Hi.. I am trying get the content of my layout to fit the resolution of my screen. I have build it in the highest resolution. I have achieved to make the screen fit to the size of the screen, but not the content. Thanks for any help in advanced!
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