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  1. honza thanks for the info. It looks like i will have to create a layout for editing the records and one for playing. I will look into the plugin it sounds interesting. Dave
  2. davidoz, I have created a very simple file to show you how it has been down. I can not explain now but if you are still having problems let me know. David joined lists.zip
  3. I am creating a simple file to to play music. I am creating it to limit what my child can listen to or if the child is with the sitter i have created a rating system for the songs the child like. Each song is a record , each song has a runtime of x minutes and I have a container that holds the song in mp3 format. I have created a very simple script that loops through with a Pause/Resume script based on the minute length of the song. It works well if i select, in the inspector, Interactive content and start playback automatically. The defect with this is that if i open the record it plays(as it
  4. I found a way to do what i was looking for in the other Filemaker forums(See below). Now this works as expected for the monthly, for the weekly I used WeekOfYear(Date). David
  5. I have a table where we do our estimates. This table is used by 10 people. The estimates are comprised of estimates made by telephone, by email, and by a physical person entering our office. I have already created calculations and summaries in this table, even with the percentages for each type of estimate based on the total estimates. I have another table with the the actual contracts that have been made and the summary count of contracts made by each person. This table is used by the same 10 people. Now i need to make another table to give me the summaries of all the data from ab
  6. I am trying to create an on timer script thats sends an email on the date before a bill is due based of of the "Date Paid" being empty and the "Date Due" Field. I can not find a way for the to get it all to come together. The email part I can set up. Its getting the search done properly and the bills that are due in the message field of the message.
  7. I have 2 script questions. 1. I have a database with a data entry layout and a print layout. I have a dropdown menu with simple values to remember but when printed they need to be in there official name form. I am trying make a script that when printed it changes the printed values but leave the database values alone. There are a total of 7 values but only 6 need to change. Ex 1) Scarsa --> Utente Base (A1) 2) Sufficente --> Utente Base (A2) etc 2. I have also a layout that has 3 text fields, 2 containers and button to email all the contents. I would like to have the cont
  8. Thank you again comment, works perfectly. I am going to incorporate the cstatus from last time. This way it is still able to be searched. When I see how its done, it always seems so simple. Thanks again!!
  9. Yes you are 100% correct comment. I copied that out of a experimentation db. When i try the new calculation it automatically expires. With the 2 working in conjunction it goes red(second expiration color). Even with todays date as the issued date. I am not sure why? This card issue has been going on for 4 months. The past cards.fp7 that comment gave me was the 4th try to get this right. The client/friend just keeps changing his mind too much. Sorry to keep bugging.
  10. Awhile back comment gave me this calculation to give me an expiration date on Jan 01 for some membership cards: Self≥Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ≤ Year ( Max ( expiration date::expire date ) ) This works perfectly, but now i need to add another expiration on top of it. The cards will have to expire 2 times now. The first date is Jan 01 and the second date is 6 months later on Jun 01(it is a six month grace period). I have been trying to get this to work: Self≥Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ≤ Year ( Max ( expiration date::expire date ) )+ Date ( Month ( expiration date::expire date
  11. bcooney, I found a calculation from the filemaker forums at filemaker.com link. This seems to be working for me. If you can still post any other ways that would be great. I am always trying to learn more. Thank you for your help.
  12. bcooney, I have made the new table and have laid the portal out. 1 problem i have noted is that I can not make it vertical. Is it possible to make it vertical? I can not find a real answer online. If not the portal is just too big to fit on an A4 paper and still be legible. I see why the portal works good for this type of thing because it only shows data that is there, but the table look does not work for the cv format. I have attached an example of the cv format, maybe that will help. This sort of problem is not just for the work experience, i have many other fields like this such as email 1
  13. Yes it is in the main table, I have them under tabs. Tab 1 = Experience 1, Tab 2 = Experience 2, etc. I have a lot of fields. Would it be better for me to create child tables and portals? Would each experience get its own table? Each experience has 7 fields. I have added a picture to see the layout. It is in Italian. Data is date, azienda is business, typo di azienda is type of business, azienda indirizzo is business address, typo impiego is type of work and pricipale mansoni e responsibilita is job description and responsibilities. This is for a Curriculum Vitae, not a resumè. I just thought
  14. I am creating a layout for a resume for print. I am having a problem with the work experience. Some people only have had only one job and some people have had 4 jobs, and so on. When i made the layout i have added all the work experience fields. There is a total of 5 experiences. If Joe had 3 jobs, I only want the first three work experiences to show up, if Betty had only one job than only the first experience will show up, etc. This has to be done by omitting empty fields and a conditional formating but i am not sure how to do it. I have also a language section, training/schools sections, and
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