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  1. Hi Lee Not all in one field. Fields are Address1,address2,Town,Post Code. Im in the UK so no zip. We have a 7 character post code like XY12 2AB. Not all my messy data has the code, so I can't do a straight match on post code. Both Tables are in Filemaker and also in excel. Could be in a text editor if that helps. Simple enough to put the excel out in CSV. Thanks John
  2. Hi I am cleaning up a messy list of doctors names and addresses. I have got a lovely clean and accurate its in a new table. The old table is very unreliable, with inaccurate placement of the data for address1,address2,town, post code etc. This means post code could be found in any of the fields or not at all. My idea is to break out the search terms by "exploding" all the words in all the address fields and using these to search in the clean file. I want to score the results so more finds gets a better score. I can then use this as a threshold to match the records and then store
  3. Thanks Josh for the link. The FMAUTHENTICATOR uses the SMS or email route. I may need to settle for this. The TOTP route uses a 16 character preshared key. This is appended to the unix universal time coed (which I can calculate). The whole thing is then encoded with SHA-1 (too tricky for me) and then truncated into six decimal digits. Some psudo FM code would be. $sixdigits = Truncated (Decimal (SHA-1 encode (Padded to 160 bits ( $SIXTEENCHARACTERS & $UNIXTIMECODE)))) When you give Google authenticator the preshared 16 characters it uses the same formula to generate the $sixdig
  4. Hi I have become interested in a two step verification for my hosted FM database. One option is to SMS a code and wait for the user to enter the correct code before allowing full access. A better option is to use TOTP - google verification. I have done lots of reading but I don't think I am clever enough to workout how to make the scripts / custom formula to turn the preshared sectret and the UTC into the 6 digits that Google authenticator generates. Has anyone got this to work and would you be willing to share the math? Thanks John
  5. Doh Got it now. Error to stupid to mention.
  6. Hi Ive downloaded and sucessfull operated the demo FM file to send a receive email. I want to try a few scripts in my main application before commiting to purchase the licence. I obviously need to put some values into $result=EmailRegister( "mylicensekey", "My Company" ) or do I just leave it out for a demo licence? Thanks J
  7. JUst to clarify I can use Refresh WIndow but that gives a window flash. I was hopeing for something a bit more elegant. J
  8. My problem is I can only get some fields to update by an extra click on the page. Data structure is. Tables Patients (one to many) Episodes (ONe to One) Organisation I am on a Patients layout and using a drop down list to pick Organisation. EG PAT::pk = EPP::pat_PK to get to the episode EPP::ORG_fk set from a drop down list where EPP::typeORG = ORG::typeORG Sets the fk fine but wont update ORG::Name on the patient layout without an extra click. I have tried messing with script triggers and read some stuff about using portals and overcomming
  9. Here is a quick file. Its not as elegant as I forst thought because the fields are still enterable / editable even if they are whited out. John smoking.zip
  10. Hi I would like to build a relationship to populate a portal where. Customer Invoice Cust_pk = cust_fk g_zero < amount outstanding where g_zero is a global = 0 I cant use a calculation in the relationship because I get the amount ourstanding from another table. Invoice Allocations invoice_pk = invoice_fk amt_outstanding = invoice total - sum(allocations::invoice total) I can make this work by doing the calculation and setting a separate field with fixed results (either the amount outstanding or a calculated cust_key. I am thinking the
  11. Hi You could use conditional formatting to change the colour of the supplimetary questions dependant on the value of the smoking field. Or you could duplicate the layout and on the question.smoking layout add your extra questions. Make the yes smokimg answer a button that inserts the necessary value and changes to the questions.smoking layout. Or.. you could use a Show Custom Dialog to ask your extra questions. Calling it with a button as above. hope that gets you started.
  12. AH HA Fixed it. My APPOINTMENTS layout was linked to the wrong TO. Thanks for looking.
  13. I have that I missing the obvious feeling. I am working on a PATIENT layout with an APPOINTMENT portal The relationship is main_PATIENTS main_APP_history patientID_pk = patientID_fk The portal populates fine and I can GOTO RELATED RECORD in main_APP_history fine. However if I try to GOTO RELATED RECORD in main_PATIENTS from a main_APP_history layout I get an unrelated table error. What have I missed? Thanks
  14. Thanks that was really usefull reading. Im going with the TO solution. No more calculated keys. John
  15. Im migrating from FM5 so the new relationship optins are intriguing me. DO you think it is better to use an AND relationship. Eg. Date = Date AND ID = ID or caluclate DATE & ID = NEWKEY in both tables then relate NEWKEY = NEWKEY I guess my question is, is it better to have more calculated fields or a more complicated relationship chart? What are the advantages of either method. Ive aready got the calulated keys fields from the FM5 application. Thanks John
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