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  1. Hi Brian, This sounds like a good solution. I just wanted to clarify -- You mean export each table which contains the data I ultimately want to go into the final excel file, then merge all data from the tables (by importing) into one new table which would list data for each alumni in separate fields (horizontally), ex: university 1, university 2, university 3 ? Thanks. Lisette
  2. Hi, I have several tables that I work with. I'm currently trying to export batches of data from these different tables in one xls file. I work for an international fellowship grant program and we keep records of our alumni (table 1), their US academic information, meaning degrees; universities; etc (table 2), their grant(s) information, meaning program year; grant type; academic area (table 3). Of course this information is linked through other tables in between. So essentially one alumni member can have more than one grant and more than one academic affiliation. I want to
  3. Hello all, I'm wondering if this is the right board for my inquiry or if you can refer me to the right place. I'm looking for some advice on how to set up an online platform containing a form and directory accessible by a secure member login. I only have FileMaker Pro 11, but my office is willing to upgrade, purchase the server, and invest in a developer if necessary. I am wondering if FMP server will give us the capability to provide a secure login for our alumni members, giving them the capability to — 1. Access a directory-type database with the ability to search for
  4. I had previously received some great assistance at FM Forums about creating a table for a summer camp that our organization is administering. We would like to add one more feature to this database which would allow for the camp staff to provide daily reports for each camper through three different "evaluating" systems: 1. A ticket system which penalizes each camper for speaking their native language at camp instead of English. Student starts off each day with 5 tickets and must surrender a ticket if caught speaking their native language. Their overall loss affect their whole team. 2. A
  5. Thank you so much for all of your assistance. Your advice and sample file really helped me move forward in this project.
  6. I think I understand your suggestion, except for this last part. I've never worked with self-join relationships and don't understand how I will be relating the field, could you please elaborate? It would be really, really helpful. Thank you!
  7. The idea behind having 3 individual tables for the different groupings (clubs, teams and class) was that it would allow me to easily identify their class,club and team. I didn't use to have a table for each but then I realized that couldn't find a way to list the camper's club, class and team in one place. Please let me know if this makes sense. I appreciate your patience.
  8. There are 12 teams, 12 classes, and 12 clubs. A camper belongs to one team; will attend a daily class with other campers (not their team members) for the duration of the camp, and they also join a club of their choice. So Camper Jim Lee could belong to Team 6, Class 12 and the Science Club. The groupings will stay the same for the duration of the camp term. I hope this clarifies the situation. Please let me know if it doesn't.
  9. The teams, clubs and classes don't belong to each other in anyway. Each camper had different group of classmates in each group. Same for the staff members, they teach a club, class, and team and will have a different group of students for each grouping. Would this change your suggestion about not needing a grouping table?
  10. I am working on a summer camp database that essentially has one table for campers, staff members, clubs, classes, teams. There is also a "grouping" table which links staff members to their club, class and team; each staff member hashas one club, one team and one class. And one more called "group roster" which relates each campers with the groups (each camper has one club, one team and one class). I am a novice FMP user, so if you have any suggestions for reconfiguring this arrangement please feel free to make them. It seems to be working out so far, especially when using portals to
  11. I have a database the documents grant awards, grantee information, host affiliation, etc. in their own respective relational tables. I have been doing most of this based on the knowledge I gained from my previous thread. The layout that shows records from the Hosts table details all the Host's information and it includes a portal. The fields on this portal has a list of all the grantees who were affiliated with this host during their award period, (Grantee Name, Program Year, Academic Area). It's a great way to quickly identify past and present trends. I want to take it a bit further by a
  12. Please let me know if I should create a new thread for the following inquiry: Is it possible to link records to each other in the same table. As mentioned before my organization awards grants and we have had people who are related to each other and have received grants that are not necessarily awarded the same year or have the same host affiliation. I want to have a field that references any relatives, if any, in grantee records. If Suzy Q received a teaching grant in 2000 and her husband Johnny Q received a research grant in 2003. Is it possible to have their relationship show up on
  13. Hello, I've been slowly working toward the final product of this database. I came across a possible glitch in our plan. What if one grantee has two host institutions during one grant period/award/sojourn. For example: Grant Type : Jr. Researcher Program Year: 2002 Research or Field : Sociology Host Institution 1: ABC Reunification Association Host Institution 2: DEF School of International Studies Host City1: Seoul Host City2: Busan Seems like it would be a many to many relationship. Do you suggest a second table for Host Institutions? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks. Yes, it's one record per grantee. I'm excited to get started on this. Thanks again for your help.
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