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  1. Ok maybe I spoke too soon... I'm writing this for anyone else experiencing the same problem...the answer has to do with WHEN or HOW a script is triggered. For example if it is triggered by OnObjectExit, the script runs first and then the object is exited and you land in the next field in the tab order (if you tabbed to exit the field). To prevent the event from happening (ie finishing exiting the object and going to the next field in tab order), you should add a script step "ExitScript[False]" so that you the event of exiting does not occur. I also received this answer from PhilMod
  2. Thanks for the explanation! This totally solves the problem! I also recieved this from PhilModJunk on the FileMaker support forum... "If you look up script triggers in Filemaker Help, it'll tell you which triggers fire before the triggering event and which fire after the triggering event. This trigger fires before the event. After your script goes to the specified field, the triggering event then completes and this is what takes it to the next field in the tab order. As stated in the help, for "before the event" triggers, exit [false] should be used to keep the triggering event fr
  3. Here is a sample file I made to demonstrate the problem. As you can see the script works fine when I add the step "ExitScript[False]" (as suggested in another forum), but it does not work normally as it should. Any ideas about why this would be happening?? GoToField.zip
  4. Hi John, I made something very simple to test it out. A layout with source table "Contacts" with only three fields on it from the same occurence "Contacts." All fields can be entered in browse mode (they are name_first and name_last and source). There is no tab order set up. My script has only one step "go to field[Contacts::name_last]" and it is triggered OnObjectExit from the name_first field. When it runs, instead of landing the user in the target field, it puts you in the one after it, in this case the source field. I added a pause/resume script step after the "go to fi
  5. Ok this is driving me crazy! I have tried every single thing I can imagine for a number of days and I have no idea what is going on. Whever I use the "go to field" function in a script it does NOT work. I even tested it with the simplest of scripts...having it be the only step...and the result is always the same. It does not put the user in the specified field...instead it puts them in the field AFTER the specified field. Does anyone have any ideas at all about why this would be happening? Is it possible there is a bug? Something I overlooked? Something really simple? Has anyo
  6. Thanks IdealData...I love sneaky maneuvers like that but after playing around for a while I haven't gotten it to work smoothly. I'm going to stick with the traditional way of doing things and a script that asks the user if they want to select from the database or add a new record.
  7. Thanks bcooney...I am currently using an "add new" button with a popup window and using foreign keys to populate the value list with a second descriptive field. Just thought there might be some sneaky way to accomplish this :)
  8. I would like to create a value list that lists all the records for one table (values from a field) AND also includes "Add New" and a seperator at the top of the list (custom value). If someone chooses "Add New" I'll have a script that runs. Can this be done??? Thanks in advance!
  9. I found the solution! My problem was that I could not get out of the portal once the script ended even if I used script steps "Go to Object" or "Go to Field." The answer: use script step "Select Window" and THEN "Go to Field" Awesome!
  10. Yes, wonderful idea! That works so much more simply, thanks! (Although, I still wonder why I have the "go to field" issue)
  11. Good idea with trying to put "go to field" after a committ or refresh step, but I am still getting the same results :B
  12. Hi - thanks for the reply. Attached is the script I am working with. It is triggered OnObjectSave from the first field within a portal where a contact is chosen and related to the project I am on. The portal goes to a join table for connecting multiple contacts with multiple projects (Called "Assign Client to Project"). The purpose of the script is to find the current company for that contact and then add it to the join table, and then return to the original layout and get you out of the portal and to a field on that project page. But I am also having the same problem with simpl
  13. Hi Jeanny - that is initially what I tried but it is not getting me out of the portal. Thanks though!
  14. Hey thanks for the response! Here is the problem...when I come back to the orignal layout at the end of the script, I do NOT want to end up in a field in the portal. I want to end up in a field on a different part of the layout. That is what my script step "Go to Field [Projects:status]" was meant to accomplish, but at the end of the script I end up inside the portal instead of in the field Projects:status. Even if I add a final script step of committing the record, it still ends inside the portal. I hope that is a bit better :B
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