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  1. Hi! I have a list in my orders' layout and arised a design problem: I need Trailing Grand Totals at the bottom of the page but FM put it directly at the end of the list. How can I define TGT to be always at the end of the page? When list is long last page contains just 1-2 lines somtimes. And the grand totals seems like lines. Customers can't see the total amount and call me at phone... Untitled.pdf
  2. Yes I have to learn but I read tutorials and practice with tutorial files and I still don't know how can I calculate that sum. I read FM help too and there is no information about using formulas terms. Example I made the sum of the orders value (total-total sum) and I can't define to omit that record wich is in an other currency. Currency is defined in a separate field and value is always in the same field. I think I want to use a search-calculation but how can I do that? Calculation formulas exclude search option... Thank you in advance
  3. Hi! I have tables: 'Orders', 'Quotation' and 'Adress'. 'Orders' and 'Qoutation' can make new records in 'Adress' if user push a button. I want to FM count the records that contains the same company at the 'Orders' table and show the result in 'adress' table. (wich is in list view). Example: No.__Company__order count 1.___Mercedes__10 2.___Audi_______50 etc. I tried this formula but it's give a fake result: Count ( List ( Orders::Company); Company ) Anyone can help me?
  4. Thanks I chose the 2nd solution and works fine.
  5. I don't want to calculate currency just change the number format. Example one record's filed format is in euro an other is in dollar.
  6. Hi all! How can I change the fields format by choosing a value from a list? I want to use it to change between dollar ($) and euro (€) and this value should valid all number format in the record. I can't find any describe in help and forum maybe I have to creat a new layout but change the format is more simplier.
  7. Yes I have a lock field and privileges set to limited wich controlled by lock field. I will try your advice but relations allows creation. Thank you.
  8. Hi all! I have a record with portal and if it will be locked the edit,modify and delete will disabled to every fields by user privileges. And if record locked the portal rows still can be created and deleted. So the record not fully protected. I can't set portal rows creation and deletion to limited because available possibilities just 'yes' and 'no'. If record is locked existing portal rows edit is disabled too (it's good).The question: How can I disable portal rows creation and deletion if any field is fully protected? (just in locked records, new records must have full acces)
  9. I tried many ways to copy portal rows into an other wich is in a different layer but I can not figured out how will it work. I attached a sample (based on previus files, FM10) wich has a problem: the portal rows displayed in an other record. If anyone could help me I will appreciate. Copy_portal_row_EN2.zip
  10. I try to modify the example file to my own imagination but I met with some heavy difficulties and I can't figured out how can I make this: I want to use second portal (polymer) to an other layout. And I want to polymer portal contained the estimate record ID and the new Polymer record ID. I want to create an order database based on outgoing quotation. But some orders come directly from my partners without outgoing quotation. So I need to copy portal rows from quotations to orders and make orders independently. Can you help me?
  11. Thanks the answers and the file. I thought FM will be easier like it described in the homepage: "Award-winning, [color:red]easy-to-use database software..." I don't understand your method (yet) but thank you very much! I completed script with an 'If' and 'Set field' orders and I created a 'lock field' at 'orders' layout. These make it possible to pressing the button just one time. Next time will exit from script. (attached if anyone needs and sorry for my language mistakes )
  12. Hi! I have almost the same problem like Plucky had and I try efen advice but that didn't work. I set up the exit loop with 'Max ( EstimateLine::EstimateID )'. It seems working but if I delete a portal row it can be made mistakes? Like if rows empty the loop will never ending... . And if you push copy button again the portal rows will duplicated. Wich is the best solution for these problems? And how can I copy just the marked ones? (chekbox in the 'ordered' field). Thank you in advance! Example_mod1.zip
  13. Thanks, but I give up this way of storage my files. Finally I chose the global storage and field contains just a link. When I double clicking into container field (when not empty) the file automatically open. But I have to be carefully because files can be deleted.
  14. If you write a new company in 'data' table srcipt will copy all data from actual records to 'adress' table.(and duplicate the data amount?). Script activated by exit from last field. Next time I can choose this company from the value list.
  15. Finally I have successfully made the right solution with efen first file. [color:red]Thank you very much! And thanks for the quick answers and files. Maybe it's not the best idea but works like that I want to. main.zip
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