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  1. Would you have a revised link to this post? http://www.fmforums....hp?post/251865/ Thanks.
  2. Hi, I understand that would be easier from a calculation standpoint, however it would mean each item (new record) we enter we would need to fill out that additional field. So my thought was that if if one field had certain data (the data would be HTS codes for US customs) it would return in another field either the duty rate and or the duty calculation for that item which would be the % times the cost of the product. The field is currently set to pull form a value list. So I pull down the correct code and then hope to have a field that calculates the duty or returns the percentage from wh
  3. Field A would contain for example "1234.56.7890-5.3% - resin". My goal is to have a field that would calculate 5.3% x another field which has the cost. This field A would have different value per record. Hope this clarifies it. Thanks for reply.
  4. Hi, I could use some help with figuring out a calculation and not sure if this should be done through a script or calculation. I have one field (A) that has text and I want to have a calculation result into another field (: that if field A contains X it will return a number in field B. Appreciate the help. Yes I am a novice :P
  5. Yes I can see the apache server. See screen shot attached. What I meant was that the default port is 80 and if this is being used for website/php then you should specify another port for IWP which I did in the databases before uploading them to the server. Might I have gone wrong here? Screen_shot_2010-10-28_at_6.38.30_AM.pdf
  6. Hi, I have a FMS advanced installed and have several databases open and all is working well. What is not working is the IWP. I can't connect in any fashion. The IWP engine is on. I looked in the folder where the iwp_home.html file should be however it is not and wonder if this is the cause. I have tried to connect to the databases using port 591 since that is what the files were set up as. Appreciate any direction or feedback you can give me.
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction in finding a ready to go fm b2b website template. I need to deploy something fast. All data is already in a fm database as in product etc.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions and I will check out the various hosting options and report back.
  9. Can you elaborate on the syncing feature? Do you mean importing and exporting files? Right now we are doing this with changed records but it is not very efficient or clean.
  10. HI, I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the best setup for using FM server with an overseas office. Currently when I have users connect in the USA to the databases the speed is very acceptable. However as soon I go over the the pond, may it be Atlantic or Pacific it comes to a screeching halt. It is no longer usable. Can any of you tell me what would resolve this. -Go to a company that hosts FM databases, assuming that those connections are faster? -Better servers internally? We will be on a mixed platform, with overseas on Windows and USA on MAC. I
  11. I am sure there is an easy explanation for this all however I am not seeing it and appreciate your reply. I have attached two screen shots. One from FM file where the sorted records are. There are 70 records. The other from the excel file that is the export result. As you can see only four show up. Secondly the summary fields are on the same row which is not what I want, want to get the same look as I have in FM but now in excel. Hope this makes sense. Again appreciate the help. Picture_2.pdf Picture_1.pdf
  12. I had really hoped someone could help with this challenge. It am not a newbie at FM and have run into this issue that I can't seem to resolve. Anyone out there that can help. I am happy to hire someone to help make this work for us. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I hope someone can help me with exporting records to excel. In my FM database I have records with customer sales history, it is sorted by State and on the layout I have summary fields and then grand summary fields. I want to export a found group in FM to Excel but retain the summary fields. I have tried to import from within Excel but get the error message "object not found". I can of course export from FM to excel but I have no summary rows. Appreciate the help.
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